mydentist Unveils £1.5m City Centre Practice in Chester

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In a significant move, the prominent dental care provider, mydentist, has inaugurated its new practice in Chester, marking a substantial investment of £1.5 million. The fresh establishment, situated on Foregate Street, was officially introduced to the public by the practice manager and her dedicated team on Wednesday, May 8.

Following an extensive project spanning over eight months, all dentists and staff from the previous location have seamlessly transitioned to the new facility on Foregate Street, commencing patient appointments without delay.

The relocation signals a considerable enhancement for mydentist’s 30,000 patients in the Chester community. With the advent of this modern, state-of-the-art practice, patients are poised to benefit from an expanded array of dental treatments, cutting-edge technology, and notably improved accessibility, including enhanced travel links and wheelchair access.

The new city centre practice boasts a total of nine surgeries, ensuring ample capacity to cater to patient needs effectively. Vital services, such as NHS dental care and private treatment options through mydentist, are readily available to patients seeking diverse dental solutions.

An area development manager at mydentist, expressed enthusiasm for the culmination of this ambitious project: “We’ve diligently worked towards relocating to a more accessible site in Chester over the past eight months, and witnessing the opening of the new practice is truly gratifying. Our primary objective was to address the needs of both our patients and our team in Chester, both presently and in the future, and the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Further elaborating on mydentist’s commitment to addressing the challenges associated with accessing dental care in the region: “We recognise the existing difficulties in accessing dental care in this area, which is why we’re delighted to introduce {my}options—a cost-effective solution to ensure individuals can readily access dental services when needed.”

The unveiling of mydentist’s new city centre practice in Chester not only signifies a substantial investment in the local healthcare infrastructure but also underscores the organisation’s unwavering dedication to providing high-quality dental care to communities across the UK.

In the wake of this development, patients can anticipate an elevated standard of dental services, coupled with enhanced accessibility, thus fostering improved oral health outcomes and overall well-being within the Chester community.

As mydentist’s latest venture sets a precedent for excellence in dental care provision, it reaffirms the organisation’s pivotal role in advancing oral healthcare standards nationwide. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and accessibility, mydentist continues to spearhead positive transformations within the dental industry, promising a brighter, healthier future for patients across the UK.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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