Former Mental Health Facility Set to Become Residential Flats

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An approval has been granted for the conversion of an unused mental health facility, located opposite Northampton General Hospital, into residential flats, offering a new purpose to the Grade II listed building.

During a recent planning meeting on Thursday, May 9, West Northants Council (WNC) gave the green light to the transformation of Spring Hill House in Cliftonville, which stands in close proximity to Northampton’s A&E department.

Previously operated as a mental health residential unit by St Andrews Healthcare, the historic building has served the community for many years. Before its tenure as a healthcare facility, it housed the Northampton High School for Girls and underwent significant structural modifications in the 1990s, including the addition of a large two-storey extension.

With the council’s approval, LG Properties Limited, the applicant behind the conversion project, will divide the building into 30 individual flats. The initiative aims to repurpose the space into smaller residential units, addressing the demand for housing in the area while respecting the building’s heritage.

A spokesperson at the committee meeting emphasised the significance of repurposing the redundant mental health institution, noting that its current state does not align with contemporary standards and has remained vacant for an extended period. The conversion proposal, therefore, presents an opportunity to revitalise the site and ensure its preservation for future generations.

The proposed flats will consist of 17 one-bed ‘studio’ apartments, six one-bedroom flats, and seven two-bedroom flats. While acknowledging that some units may have a ‘slightly contrived layout’ and limited natural light or outlook, planning officers deemed the overall standard as ‘acceptable’.

As part of the conversion, existing connections between the Grade II villa and the more recent extension will be dismantled to accentuate the listed building’s prominence. Additionally, wall ‘barriers’ attached to the extension will be removed to soften the visual impact of the former healthcare facility.

Despite falling short of the adopted parking standards, with only 38 spaces provided for the 30 flats against a requirement of 67, the highways department offered no objections. They cited the development’s strategic location, close proximity to the town centre, and the expectation that many future residents would be employed at the nearby hospital, thus reducing reliance on private transport.

Permission for the project was granted by WNC officers and the planning committee, albeit with certain conditions attached to ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard the integrity of the development.

The decision to repurpose Spring Hill House into residential flats marks a significant step in the ongoing evolution of Northampton’s urban landscape. By breathing new life into a historic building, the project not only addresses the pressing need for housing but also fosters the preservation of architectural heritage within the community.

As the transformation progresses, attention will likely turn towards the integration of the new residential units into the surrounding neighbourhood, ensuring that the development complements its environment while meeting the needs of its future occupants. With the potential to serve as a model for adaptive reuse initiatives, this project underscores the importance of sustainable urban development and the revitalisation of disused heritage structures in modern city planning agendas.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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