Significant Exeter Development Promises South Street Revival

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A substantial redevelopment initiative is underway at Concord House in Exeter, aimed at revitalising the tired environs of South Street. The building, formerly dedicated to social housing, is currently undergoing a metamorphosis into 28 luxurious apartments, marking a pivotal moment in its history.

The genesis of this revitalisation can be traced back to earlier this year when concerns over flammable cladding necessitated the evacuation of Concord House, leading to the displacement of its final residents. The subsequent commencement of works by NooKo, the development firm spearheading the project, signifies a new chapter for this historic locale.

NooKo, renowned for their redevelopment endeavours, including the conversion of Paternoster House into New York-style apartments on North Street, is now focused on infusing fresh vitality into Concord House. This building, once a hub for Exeter’s burgeoning technological advancements, housed the city’s inaugural computer. Its evolution from an office space for the Commercial Union to retail and eventually social housing underscores its adaptability over time.

The decision to refurbish Concord House aligns with the broader vision of Exeter City Council’s regeneration agenda, which envisages the revitalisation of South Street, potentially culminating in its pedestrianisation. NooKo’s intervention thus dovetails with municipal aspirations for urban renewal.

As the refurbishment progresses, the interior of Concord House undergoes a metamorphosis, shedding the vestiges of neglect. Initial repairs have addressed safety concerns, rectifying structural damages and addressing issues such as smoke damage, reminiscent of the building’s tumultuous past.

A director at NooKo, speaking about the project, highlighted the company’s commitment to inclusivity, expressing aspirations for a portion of the refurbished apartments to be accessible, alongside a significant proportion earmarked as “affordable.”

The completion of the project is slated for December 2024, promising to deliver 28 apartments refurbished “to a luxurious standard.” Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the redevelopment of Concord House symbolises a concerted effort to reinvigorate South Street and redefine its place within the fabric of Exeter’s urban landscape.

In conclusion, the metamorphosis of Concord House epitomises the synergy between private enterprise and public aspiration, underscoring a collective commitment to urban regeneration. As the project nears its culmination, anticipation mounts for the unveiling of a reimagined landmark, poised to redefine the narrative of South Street for generations to come.

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