Red Arrows to Illuminate Portsoy Festival with Aerial Spectacle

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The esteemed Red Arrows, known officially as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, are set to perform their sole Scottish display this year at the Glenglassaugh Scottish Traditional Boat Festival in Portsoy, Aberdeenshire. Scheduled for 22nd June 2024, this event aligns with the aerobatic team’s diamond anniversary, celebrating 60 years of captivating global audiences with their stunning aerial demonstrations.

The festival, situated in Portsoy’s historic 17th-century harbour, is a vibrant celebration of maritime heritage. It features a flotilla of traditional boats, live music, dance, and an array of Scottish food, drink, and crafts. The inclusion of the Red Arrows adds a new and thrilling dimension to this annual gathering, promising an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Festival organisers have expressed immense pride in securing the Red Arrows for this year’s event. They view it as a significant honour for Portsoy to be part of the team’s anniversary celebrations, particularly as it is the only Scottish display in their milestone year. The festival committee, which works tirelessly each year to bring together a diverse programme of maritime activities and entertainment, sees the Red Arrows’ performance as a major highlight that will attract visitors from far and wide.

The Red Arrows’ display will feature a nine-aircraft formation performing manoeuvres that have not been seen for many years, ensuring a breath taking show. The aerobatic team has expressed their excitement about bringing this new display to Portsoy, noting that many team members have strong connections to Scotland from their RAF careers. They hope the performance will be both enjoyable and inspiring for all festival attendees.

Local businesses have generously sponsored the Red Arrows’ display, reflecting strong community support. This includes contributions from various enterprises, ensuring the financial viability of hosting such a high-profile event. Additionally, a prominent local distillery has been announced as the festival’s main sponsor for the next two years, providing crucial support that enables organisers to enhance and diversify the festival’s offerings. This year, a new Coastal Crafts area will showcase local artisans, featuring handmade jewellery, ceramics, and bespoke wooden accessories and gifts.

The maritime celebrations will see approximately 30 traditional boats from across the UK anchoring in Portsoy. Among these historic vessels are the 17th-century Fifie herring drifter, the Reaper, from the Scottish Fisheries Museum, the 33ft Baldie, White Wing, and the 19th-century Fifie, Isabella Fortuna, a festival favourite. These boats will be part of a broader programme that includes live music, food fayres, and craft demonstrations, providing a comprehensive experience of Scotland’s rich seafaring history.

Since its establishment in 1993, the Glenglassaugh Scottish Traditional Boat Festival has become a major event in Portsoy, drawing around 15,000 visitors annually. It offers a unique opportunity to immerse in the region’s cultural heritage, featuring storytelling, songs, and hands-on activities that bring maritime history to life. The festival is managed by a local community enterprise, which also oversees other local amenities such as the caravan park, bunkhouse, salmon bothy, and boat shed.

The festival weekend will kick off with a performance by a popular Celtic rock band, setting an energetic tone for the festivities on Friday, 21st June. Their performance is anticipated to be a major draw, adding to the overall excitement of the event.

As the Red Arrows’ exclusive Scottish display in their diamond anniversary year, their performance at the Glenglassaugh Scottish Traditional Boat Festival is poised to be a standout feature of the summer. The festival’s blend of historic charm, maritime tradition, and aerial excitement promises an experience that appeals to all ages, making it a must-visit event in the north east of Scotland.

In conclusion, the Glenglassaugh Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, highlighted by the Red Arrows’ display, represents a unique fusion of heritage and modern spectacle. As Portsoy prepares to welcome visitors from across the country, the stage is set for a celebration that honours the past while looking forward to the future.

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Lauren Redford
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