Bowling Into Festive Delight: Oxford Locals Vie for Christmas Turkeys at Hollywood Bowl

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This holiday season, Oxford residents can inject an extra dose of excitement into their Christmas preparations as Hollywood Bowl introduces a unique opportunity to win the centerpiece of their festive feast – the Christmas turkey. Hollywood Bowl has unveiled a festive challenge, offering participants the chance to claim a turkey by achieving the coveted ‘turkey’ in 10-pin bowling, a remarkable feat of three consecutive strikes.

From December 1 to December 7, bowling enthusiasts can showcase their skills for a chance to win a £50 supermarket voucher, specifically designated for purchasing their Christmas turkey. The renowned bowling alley, synonymous with entertaining bowling experiences, has partnered with a major supermarket for this special festive giveaway.

The sentiments were shared by the spokesperson for Hollywood Bowl, expressing enthusiasm about infusing the holiday season with fun and a touch of friendly competition. “Christmas is all about having fun, and to celebrate the season, we’re thrilled to give our guests the chance to win a turkey for their bowling prowess,” said the spokesperson. They highlighted the skill required to achieve a ‘turkey’ in bowling and the jubilant atmosphere that fills Hollywood Bowl centers when this feat is accomplished.

“To acknowledge their turkey achievement, what better reward than having their actual centerpiece sorted for Christmas lunch this year,” the spokesperson added, emphasizing the unique and enjoyable nature of the Christmas turkey challenge.

Claiming the prize is a straightforward process for successful bowlers. After achieving three consecutive strikes, winners must capture a photo of their scoreboard, share it on social media, and tag Hollywood Bowl using the dedicated hashtag #Turkeyforaturkey. Hollywood Bowl will then verify the entry and promptly award the winners their £50 supermarket voucher.

This festive initiative is not confined to a specific Hollywood Bowl location in Oxford; all Hollywood Bowl centers, including the one situated in Grenoble Road near the Kassam Stadium, are enthusiastically participating. This inclusivity ensures that bowling enthusiasts across Oxford can partake in the festive spirit and take a shot at winning their Christmas turkey.

For those eager to join the festive bowling extravaganza, securing lanes at Hollywood Bowl is a simple process. Customers can book their spots for the festive season and plan memorable holiday parties by visiting the company’s official website.

As the Christmas season unfolds, Hollywood Bowl’s ‘Strike for a Turkey’ promises spirited competition on the bowling lanes and provides a unique and joyous way for Oxford locals to secure the main course for their Christmas celebrations. With the chance to turn a triumphant turkey in bowling into a delicious turkey on the dining table, Hollywood Bowl is making the holiday season even more special for its patrons. So, grab your bowling shoes, gather your friends and family, and get ready to roll for the ultimate festive prize – a Christmas turkey for your strikes!

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Dawn Jackson
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