Stonor Park’s Enhanced Membership Offers Unrivaled Value for Local Explorers

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Nestled near the picturesque town of Henley-on-Thames, Stonor Park has unveiled revamped membership packages that promise a treasure trove of value for adventure enthusiasts. The historic Stonor Park, home to the captivating Tumblestone Hollow adventure playground, has introduced enhanced membership offerings, ensuring year-round excitement for locals and visitors alike.

Valid for a generous 12-month duration from the date of purchase, Stonor Park’s memberships unlock unlimited access to the enchanting Tumblestone Hollow, an adventure haven that melds seamlessly with the natural beauty of Stonor’s parkland. The memberships, priced competitively from £31.50, cater to various preferences, including a novel family membership designed for up to five individuals.

A spokesperson from Stonor Park revealed that the memberships extend beyond just the adventure playground. Members gain unfettered access to Stonor’s meticulously manicured gardens, creating an immersive experience for nature enthusiasts. Additionally, members enjoy a 15% discount on delectable food and refreshing beverages, enhancing the overall Stonor Park escapade.

Tumblestone Hollow, unveiled in 2021, stands as a testament to Stonor Park’s commitment to providing unique and memorable experiences. Positioned within the parkland, the Hollow boasts high-level walkways, lookout decks, climbing nets, slides, and bridges, all thoughtfully arranged around a captivating stone circle. The custodian of Stonor Park expressed the desire to welcome locals to explore the offerings and embrace the enriching experiences available right at their doorstep.

The custodian remarked, “We want to encourage as many locals to visit Stonor as possible and enjoy everything it has to offer, so we have updated our annual membership packages to offer even greater value to those living close by. Whether it’s a weekend activity on a spring morning or a full day of play with friends in our one-of-a-kind playground, the membership allows explorers to make the most of what’s on their doorstep.”

In close proximity to Tumblestone Hollow, visitors can immerse themselves in the historical grandeur of Stonor House, an 850-year-old architectural gem set to reopen next spring. Stonor House offers a journey through time, with highlights including The Gothic Hall, a 12th-century chapel, and a dramatic long gallery. Adventurous souls can explore the archives chronicling the 29 generations of Stonors who have called the house their home.

As the festive season approaches, Stonor Park is positioning its Tumblestone Hollow membership as the perfect gift for families. The custodian noted, “With the festive season fast approaching and gift purchasing in full swing, a Tumblestone Hollow membership is a perfect present for fun-loving little ones and grandparents. We know there are many parents out there who are keen to encourage the value of experiences, and this is something we hold dear within our own family. It is the reason we created Tumblestone Hollow.”

Membership options cater to individuals of all ages, with adult memberships priced at £34.50. For younger adventurers, memberships for children over 105cm are available at £37.50, while those between 92-105cm can embark on their Stonor Park journey with memberships priced at £31.50. Children under 92cm and dedicated carers receive complimentary memberships, ensuring inclusivity.

For families seeking shared adventures, Stonor Park offers family memberships at £136 for a family of four and £172 for a family of five. These family memberships open the door to shared experiences, creating lasting memories amidst the tranquil beauty of Stonor Park.

Stonor Park’s commitment to enhancing the membership experience reflects a dedication to fostering community engagement and creating enduring connections with the rich history and natural wonders that surround the estate. As Stonor Park welcomes a new era of exploration, the revamped memberships stand as a testament to their mission of providing accessible and enriching experiences for all.

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