Residents of Edinburgh’s ‘Dirtiest Street’ Demand Action Amid Bin Collection Delays

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Residents of Boswall Parkway in Pilton are voicing their frustrations after enduring two weeks without bin collections, resulting in overflowing rubbish and an increase in rodent activity. The street has been dubbed “Edinburgh’s dirtiest” by those who live there.

The street is now lined with wheelie bins, many of which are overflowing with waste. One local, who wished to remain anonymous, shared that he has been forced to use his neighbour’s driveway because his own is blocked by a line of ten wheelie bins.

A 35-year-old resident reported that her bin collection was delayed by four days, but others have faced more severe delays. “Some haven’t had their rubbish bins collected since mid-May,” she explained. “Our area has been backed up for nearly two weeks. We’re told to keep the rubbish in our homes, but with the rat problem, it’s just not feasible.”

Councillor for the Forth Ward, which includes Boswall Parkway, has attributed the delays to unforeseen staffing issues and stated that efforts are being made to catch up with the backlog. He encouraged residents experiencing delays to contact him directly for assistance in coordinating refuse collection with the relevant department.

Another local described her experience of reporting the issue to the council. She noted that while a crew was dispatched to collect her bins, her neighbours’ bins remained untouched, despite the complaint addressing the entire street. “The information online is vague. It just mentions a problem but doesn’t explain what it is. Are the workers on strike or is there another issue?” she wondered.

An anonymous resident mentioned sending a formal complaint to the council on May 21, with a promise that bins would be emptied on May 23. When this did not happen, a second complaint led to another promise for collection on May 27, but the bins remained full.

This resident also expressed frustration with the council’s advice on dealing with excess rubbish. “They suggested stacking it on top of the bin. When I raised concerns about foxes and seagulls, they just told me to stack it higher. It’s not practical because seagulls can still access the rubbish.”

Another local voiced concerns about potential fly-tipping due to the lack of bin space. “If you leave rubbish on the street, it’s ignored and just piles up. It’s been like this for two weeks now.”

The local authority issued an apology on May 27, asking residents not to put out their blue glass recycling boxes this week as efforts continue to address the backlog. The Environment Convener acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the delays and assured that they are working hard to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. He encouraged affected residents to look for updates on social media and the council’s website.

The situation in Boswall Parkway highlights the broader challenges faced by Edinburgh’s waste management system. While the council has attributed the disruptions to staffing issues, residents remain sceptical and frustrated by the lack of timely communication and effective solutions.

This ordeal underscores the critical importance of reliable waste collection services in maintaining public health and urban cleanliness. As the council works to address the backlog, residents are left to cope with the immediate consequences, including blocked driveways, increased vermin activity, and the potential for unlawful rubbish dumping.

Looking forward, it is crucial that the local authority not only resolves the current backlog but also implements measures to prevent such disruptions in the future. Effective communication, contingency planning, and transparent problem-solving are essential to restoring residents’ trust and ensuring that Edinburgh’s streets remain clean and safe.

As efforts to amend the collection schedule continue, residents of Boswall Parkway will be hoping for a swift return to normality, where bins are regularly emptied and streets are free from the blight of overflowing rubbish.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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