Former RAF Base in Cambridgeshire to Undergo Residential Redevelopment

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A plan to rejuvenate the abandoned RAF Upwood site in Cambridgeshire has been approved, paving the way for the construction of 160 new homes, a significant endeavour in addressing the region’s housing shortage. The base, largely deserted since 1994, has unfortunately become a target for acts of vandalism and arson over the years, prompting concerted efforts for its revival.

The forthcoming project, led by the Vistry Group in partnership with housing association Hyde Group, will encompass a variety of housing options, including 74 units designated for social rent and 86 for shared ownership. Additionally, a 70-bedroom care home is slated for development, underscoring a holistic approach to community-building and inclusivity within the area.

Scheduled to commence in 2024, the initiative represents a £35 million investment aimed at revitalising the neglected surroundings. The managing director of Vistry South East Midlands expressed enthusiasm for the venture, highlighting its dual significance in meeting housing demands while seamlessly integrating with the local landscape.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Hyde on this development, which will not only address the housing needs of the community but also harmonise with the local environment,” stated the managing director. “We’re eager to contribute to Huntingdonshire’s expansion and to be entrusted with the construction of these much-needed new homes, which will cultivate a thriving and sustainable community.”

Moreover, the commitment extends beyond housing provision, with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness evident in the project’s design. Hyde’s development and sales director underscored this aspect, affirming that all dwellings earmarked for social rent and shared ownership will be equipped with energy-efficient features, including air source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points. These eco-conscious measures align with broader initiatives aimed at fostering greener, more resilient communities.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating with Vistry Group to realise the vision for the redevelopment of RAF Upwood,” the director remarked. “All 74 social rent and 86 shared ownership homes will be energy-efficient, with air source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points, and will be ready for their first residents in summer 2025.”

The impending transformation of RAF Upwood marks a significant milestone in the region’s urban regeneration efforts, promising not only to address housing shortages but also to infuse the area with renewed vitality and purpose. As construction gears up to commence in the coming year, anticipation mounts for the emergence of a vibrant, inclusive community hub, complete with modern amenities and sustainable infrastructure.

With an eye towards the future, stakeholders remain committed to realising a shared vision of progress and prosperity, underscoring the transformative potential inherent in thoughtful, collaborative urban planning initiatives. As the project unfolds, it stands poised to serve as a beacon of innovation and resilience, setting a precedent for the revitalisation of disused spaces across the nation.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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