Cardiff Council Confronts Steep Climb in Meeting New Welsh Housing Standards

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Officials from Cardiff council have raised significant concerns regarding the hurdles posed by the implementation of the latest Welsh housing quality standards, highlighting uncertainties concerning costs and preparations. The revelation surfaced during a recent discussion about the local authority’s budget, where an assistant director for housing and communities underscored the daunting task ahead.

At a social services scrutiny committee meeting on Monday, February 26, the committee chair expressed apprehension over the lack of clarity surrounding the Welsh Government’s latest housing quality criteria, known as Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) 2023. He stressed the importance of grasping the financial commitments required to meet these standards, questioning whether the budget adequately factored in such obligations.

A cabinet member for housing and communities echoed concerns regarding the feasibility of meeting the new standards, criticising what she termed as the Welsh Government’s “wishful thinking.” The assistant director concurred with these sentiments, indicating that the council is currently unable to estimate the costs associated with WHQS 2023 compliance.

Under WHQS 2023, homes owned by housing associations and local authorities in Wales must meet a series of stringent requirements, including affordability in heating, updated kitchen and bathroom facilities, safety, good repair, and promotion of wellbeing. Additionally, these homes must boast suitable outdoor spaces and gardens, adding further complexity to the task faced by Cardiff council.

The financial implications of WHQS 2023 are substantial. Cardiff Council anticipates a requirement of £114 million in its housing revenue account (HRA) for the 2024-25 financial year. Notably, the HRA serves as a comprehensive record of expenditure and income pertaining to council housing. However, the budget report reveals a glaring omission, with no allocation made to accommodate the impact of meeting WHQS 23 decarbonisation targets.

The assistant director elucidated the council’s current approach, indicating that the focus lies on understanding how to elevate accommodation standards to meet WHQS 23 requirements. However, she reiterated the prevailing uncertainty, stressing the inability to ascertain precise figures at this juncture.

Despite the prevailing challenges, the council has factored in certain expenses related to WHQS compliance within its HRA budget. These include provisions for suitable flooring, water-saving devices, and external equipment storage. Nonetheless, a council member highlighted the time-consuming nature of surveying all council properties to ensure compliance, suggesting that it could take years to complete.

In her critique of the Welsh Government’s approach, another council member emphasized the importance of realism in policymaking, expressing disappointment over what she perceives as idealistic aspirations devoid of practical implementation strategies.

As Cardiff council grapples with the complexities of meeting WHQS 2023, the road ahead appears arduous. With uncertainties surrounding costs and preparations, the council faces a formidable task in aligning with the latest housing standards. As discussions continue, stakeholders remain hopeful for constructive dialogue and pragmatic solutions to navigate these challenges effectively.

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Dawn Jackson
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