Stolen Bikes Now Top Priority for Avon and Somerset Police Following Increase in Thefts

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Responding to a significant rise in bike thefts, particularly e-bikes and motorbikes, in the Keynsham area, Avon and Somerset Police have designated addressing this issue as a “key priority.” Reports indicate a noticeable uptick in incidents, prompting law enforcement to issue crucial advice to bike and motorbike owners to safeguard their vehicles against theft.

The Neighbourhood Police Team, recognising the seriousness of the situation, unanimously agreed upon this new priority last month. The decision was prompted by a noticeable increase in stolen motorbikes and mopeds across Keynsham. In light of these developments, police authorities have emphasised the importance for riders to invest in robust security measures.

One of the primary recommendations from the police is for owners to acquire the “largest lock that you can afford” and secure their bikes to a permanent structure. This precautionary measure aims to deter theft by making it more challenging for perpetrators to remove the vehicles easily.

Moreover, the police have provided a comprehensive list of tips for securing bikes, regardless of whether they are e-bikes, bicycles, motorbikes, or mopeds. Riders are advised to use disc locks with mini alarms whenever leaving their transportation unattended. Additionally, chaining the bike to an immovable object using a sturdy chain and padlock is strongly recommended. Where feasible, parking in busy, well-lit areas with CCTV surveillance is encouraged.

In a bid to further bolster security, bike owners are urged to record the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or frame number and etch or stamp it on various parts of the bike. At home, employing a ground anchor and installing motion-sensing security lighting and CCTV cameras are suggested measures to enhance protection.

Neighbourhood Police highlighted the gravity of the situation, stating, “Addressing the thefts of motorbikes and e-bikes is a top priority for us.” They acknowledged the significant impact of these crimes and reassured the community of law enforcement’s commitment to identifying offenders.

They also highlighted recent successes in the fight against bike theft, citing the recovery of two stolen motorbikes and their subsequent return to their owners. They urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly, emphasising the role of community cooperation in combatting such crimes.

Concerned citizens are urged to contact the authorities immediately by dialling 999 if they witness individuals acting suspiciously around bikes or engaging in dangerous riding behaviour. They emphasised that such calls have already resulted in arrests and the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Furthermore, police authorities are appealing to the public for any information regarding individuals involved in bike thefts, footage of offenders engaging in anti-social behaviour, or the whereabouts of stolen motorcycles, bicycles, or parts.

As Avon and Somerset Police intensify efforts to curb bike thefts, community involvement and adherence to recommended security measures remain pivotal in safeguarding valuable assets and maintaining public safety.

In conclusion, the recent surge in bike thefts in the Keynsham area has prompted Avon and Somerset Police to elevate the issue to a top priority. With a comprehensive strategy in place and ongoing community cooperation, law enforcement aims to tackle this challenge head-on, ensuring the protection of residents’ property and fostering a safer environment for all.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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