Wildlife Charity in Oxfordshire Launches Fundraiser to Secure New Site

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A wildlife charity in Oxfordshire, which has experienced a surge in demand for its 24-hour rescue service, faces the possibility of closure if it fails to find a new home by October. Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue has initiated a fundraiser following notification from landlords that they must vacate their rented land in Blewbury due to uncertainties regarding the farm’s future.

Established by its founders, the charity has grown significantly since its inception, transitioning from treating a mere 30 animals annually to now handling an impressive 3,000 creatures each year. From its humble beginnings in a family home in Didcot, the charity expanded to its current site in Blewbury in 2020, becoming the hub of its operations.

However, with the impending eviction, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue finds itself at a critical juncture. Identified as a promising option, a patch of land that meets the charity’s criteria awaits, but securing it necessitates raising a substantial £250,000.

A spokesperson for the charity expressed serious concern about the potential consequences of failing to secure a new home. “If we don’t find a new home, the reality is that Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue will probably cease to exist,” they stated. The charity not only provides vital support to the region’s diverse wildlife but also serves as a resource for members of the public seeking assistance or advice regarding injured or distressed animals.

Highlighting the significance of their mission, the spokesperson outlined ambitious plans for the future, including the establishment of Oxfordshire’s first and only wildlife hospital. This facility would not only offer onsite veterinary care but also serve as an educational hub, fostering a deeper connection between the community and the natural world.

Despite facing significant challenges, there is optimism as the charity approaches the halfway mark of its fundraising target. However, time is of the essence, and urgent action is required to ensure the continuity of their vital services.

Last summer, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue received calls for assistance every 25 minutes, underscoring the pressing need for their presence in the community. As spring unfolds, the team has already encountered numerous cases of wildlife in distress, including a roe deer afflicted with flystrike, a condition that can prove fatal if left untreated.

The dedication of the charity’s staff was evident in the meticulous care provided to the injured deer, whose recovery from near-fatality to eventual release serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment.

However, the journey has not been without its challenges. Last September, the wildlife centre faced a significant setback when it was inundated with six inches of water during heavy rainfall. A plea for assistance over social media highlighted the urgency of the situation, with the charity ultimately weathering the storm thanks to the collective efforts of its dedicated team.

In recognition of their resilience and unwavering dedication, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue was honoured with the ‘Environmental Award’ by Didcot Town Council, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to the community.

As the charity continues its quest for a new home, the support of the public remains crucial. Every donation, regardless of size, brings them one step closer to securing the future of wildlife rescue in Oxfordshire.

In the face of adversity, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue remains resolute, driven by a shared commitment to safeguarding the region’s precious wildlife for generations to come. With the community’s support, their mission will not only endure but thrive, ensuring a legacy of compassion and conservation for years to come.

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