Nottingham Tram Operator Upholds ‘Zero Tolerance’ Fare Policy with Introduction of New Payment System

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Nottingham’s tram network, managed by NET, stands resolute in its determination to combat fare evasion with the unveiling of a fresh ‘tap on, tap off’ payment system for short hop journeys. This announcement coincides with NET’s plans to simplify fare collection processes, promising increased convenience for passengers.

In the past, commuters had to acquire short hop tickets from NET ticket machines. However, starting from Tuesday, April 2, travellers can now tap their cards on validators both at the start and end of their journeys. Despite the convenience offered by this new system, NET has issued a stern warning to passengers, cautioning that failing to tap off at journey’s end will result in being charged the full standard single ticket price of £3.20.

NET’s message is clear: “It is your responsibility to ensure you tap on and off again and that you’re doing so in the correct zones. If you neglect to tap off again, instead of the short hop ticket price of £1.50, you’ll be charged the standard single ticket price of £3.20.”

Moreover, the tram operator has explicitly stated that there will be no refunds for incorrectly purchased tickets. Reinforcing its unwavering stance on fare evasion, NET has declared that anyone found travelling without a valid ticket will face a hefty penalty. A ‘no questions asked’ £70 Penalty Fare Notice will be issued, with non-payment potentially leading to prosecution, a fine of up to £1,000, and a criminal record.

The newly implemented system encompasses nine short hop zones across the NET network, covering areas such as Bulwell and the city centre. NET’s chief operating officer expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting its significance in enhancing tram travel convenience.

“Thousands of tram users who utilize our network each day will benefit from even more convenient tram travel. It’s an exciting step for us as it marks just one of several initiatives we’ve been working on to make tram travel easier for everyone,” the officer stated.

Continuing, they said, “We’re passionate about celebrating all that Nottingham has to offer. Now, for just £1.50 and a couple of quick taps, passengers can access various key spots across the city for less.”

The move underscores NET’s commitment to modernising its services and ensuring a smoother experience for passengers. However, the enforcement of strict penalties underscores the seriousness with which the tram operator regards fare evasion.

As the new payment system rolls out, commuters are urged to familiarise themselves with the tapping process to avoid inadvertent fare charges. With the promise of enhanced convenience and accessibility, Nottingham’s tram network aims to continue serving as a vital transportation artery for residents and visitors alike.

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