Exeter’s Green Party Expresses Concerns Over Approved Haven Banks Development

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In a move that has left Exeter’s Green Party deeply dissatisfied, the city council recently gave the green light to a contentious development project slated for the Haven Banks area. The proposal, which includes the construction of more than 400 homes, has sparked heated debates among councillors, with concerns ranging from the project’s perceived overbearing nature to its alleged failure to align with the city’s developmental principles.

The project, set to replace the now-vacant Range store and other structures, will consist of four blocks, each towering five or six storeys high. The predominantly residential buildings will also feature retail spaces, café/restaurants, and commercial units. Despite garnering more than 350 objections from the public, the proposal successfully passed council scrutiny after a rigorous four-hour deliberation.

The Green Party’s group leader representing St Davids expressed disappointment at the decision, describing the approved scheme as “overbearing” and falling short of the city’s envisioned standards for future development. The group leader emphasized that while residents are eager to witness the revitalization of the worn-out retail park, the chosen plan raises serious concerns, particularly regarding flood risks and the project’s impact on neighboring properties.

One of the primary arguments against the development is the absence of detailed plans addressing how residents will be safeguarded from potential flooding and outlining evacuation procedures. The group leader highlighted this crucial gap in the proposal, indicating a lack of assurance for the safety of future residents.

“The ‘Livable Exeter’ principles, designed to guide sustainable development in Water Lane and beyond, seem neglected in this instance,” the group leader asserted, underscoring the need for adherence to established guidelines meant to ensure responsible urban planning.

Furthermore, concerns were raised about the potential loss of light for nearby residents due to the towering blocks dominating the landscape. The impact on the quality of life for those living in the immediate vicinity has become a focal point of opposition to the development, with fears that the towering structures will cast shadows over neighboring properties, leading to a significant loss of natural light.

Adding to the controversy, the Green Party criticized the project for failing to meet the council’s stipulated policies regarding the inclusion of affordable housing and bedsits. This discrepancy raises questions about the project’s alignment with the city’s broader objectives of fostering inclusive communities and addressing the pressing need for affordable housing.

On the contrary, proponents of the Haven Banks development, including the council’s portfolio holder for homelessness, argue that the project addresses a critical need for housing in the city. The portfolio holder contends that the proposed development will repurpose a brownfield site, breathing new life into the area and simultaneously contributing to Exeter’s housing supply.

In defense of the decision, the Council Leader of Exwick expressed optimism about the transformative potential of the project. The Council Leader characterized the development as a positive step forward, signaling a vote of confidence in the city’s capacity to embrace change and progress.

While the city council’s approval marks a significant milestone for the Haven Banks development, the dissenting voices from the Green Party underscore the deep divisions surrounding the project. As Exeter braces for a substantial transformation of its urban landscape, the ongoing debate raises crucial questions about balancing the imperative for housing solutions with the preservation of community character and adherence to sustainable development principles.

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