Merseyrail Initiates £300k Overhaul of Four Stations to Elevate Customer Experience

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Merseyrail has issued a caution to its customers, alerting them to potential disruptions as it embarks on an extensive refurbishment plan for four major train stations in Liverpool. Commencing this month and spanning three months, the £300,000 initiative aims to uplift facilities and enhance the overall experience for daily commuters.

Liverpool Central Station is set to undergo a significant transformation, with a complete refurbishment of its toilets. The inclusive upgrade encompasses the installation of new sinks, hand dryers, toilets, replacement of wall and floor tiles, and improved ventilation. Despite a previous refurbishment in 2012, feedback from customers after 11 years of use indicated a need for a rejuvenation.

The Commercial Director at Merseyrail conveyed the company’s dedication to delivering an optimal customer experience. The director remarked, “Our constant goal is to provide an excellent customer experience, recognizing the significance of facilities for Merseyrail travellers. The toilets at Liverpool Central are heavily utilized, and we are pleased to commence this work.”

The refurbishment initiative extends beyond Liverpool Central, covering Moorfields, Bank Hall, and Hightown stations. Notably, Moorfields station’s existing toilets are also earmarked for refurbishment. The enhancements at these stations focus on elevating accessibility features, particularly for disabled customers.

The director acknowledged the anticipated disruption during the refurbishment but underscored the long-term benefits, stating, “We are aware that customers will face inconvenience during this work, but the positive outcomes will be evident upon completion.”

The refurbishment work at Liverpool Central is scheduled to commence in mid-January, with an estimated completion time of 12 weeks. The refurbishment of male and female toilets is anticipated to conclude within six weeks, followed by the commencement of work on the disabled and baby change facilities. Alternative facilities for customers during this period are available at Lime Street or James Street stations. Disabled passengers will retain access to dedicated toilets at Liverpool Central throughout the works.

Moorfields station’s refurbishment is set to commence at the end of January and conclude within five weeks. Meanwhile, the works at Bank Hall and Hightown stations are scheduled to commence on January 15, with completion expected shortly afterward.

The investment in the refurbishment projects at Moorfields, Bank Hall, and Hightown stations is supported by funding from Network Rail and the Department for Transport under the Access For All Mid-Tier Scheme. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to making train travel more accessible and comfortable for all passengers.

Merseyrail’s “stations improvement plan” reflects the company’s dedication to providing top-notch facilities and services for its customers. As the refurbishment projects unfold over the next three months, commuters can anticipate improved and modernized amenities, contributing to an overall enhanced travel experience on the Merseyrail network.

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