Lincoln City Foundation Hits the Back of the Net with Care Home Fitness Program

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In a heartening move to promote physical activity and wellbeing among elderly residents, Lincoln City Foundation has collaborated with Sport England’s Together Fund to bring One Extra Time Hub sessions to six care homes in the city. The foundation, known for its commitment to community engagement, has secured a generous £4,704 in funding to deliver a series of activities aimed at enhancing the lives of those residing in care homes.

The program encompasses regular seated chair classes and low-impact multisport sessions, designed to cater to the specific needs and abilities of the elderly participants. Adding a touch of sporting glamour to the initiative, players from Lincoln City have been making special visits to the care homes, bringing smiles and a sense of connection to the residents.

One of the fortunate locations benefiting from this initiative is Monson Street Care Home, situated in close proximity to the iconic LNER Stadium. The head of healthier communities at Lincoln City Foundation expressed gratitude for the opportunity to support Monson Care Home, stating, “We highly appreciate the chance to assist residents at Monson Care Home, which is located so close to the LNER Stadium.”

Beyond the physical benefits of the exercise sessions, the initiative aims to foster a sense of community and connection among the residents. The foundation’s representative added, “Alongside providing activities to help enhance residents’ health and wellbeing, it’s fantastic to be able to connect them more to the football club – many have fond memories of attending matches and supporting the Imps and enjoy keeping a track of the team’s progress still.”

Participants in the program have reported increased independence and confidence, with many now regularly attending football matches and embracing other physical activity opportunities. The impact of these sessions extends beyond the physical realm, contributing to the overall mental and emotional wellbeing of the elderly residents.

The activities and wellbeing lead at Monson Care Home expressed gratitude for the foundation’s support, saying, “We extend our thanks to the foundation for supporting us. Our residents appreciate the regular visits, providing them with great entertainment and a chance to spend some quality time with each other.”

The success of the initiative lies not only in the carefully crafted exercise routines but also in the genuine connections formed between the residents and the Lincoln City players. These visits have become a highlight for the care home residents, offering them an opportunity to reminisce about past football matches and share in the excitement of the team’s current progress.

As the One Extra Time Hub continues to make a positive impact on the lives of care home residents, there is a growing call for similar initiatives to be implemented across the country. The unique blend of physical activity, social interaction, and community spirit is proving to be a winning formula for promoting the health and happiness of the elderly population.

The Lincoln City Foundation’s commitment to community outreach and its innovative approach to combining sports with care for the elderly sets a shining example for other football clubs and community organizations. The positive feedback from care home residents and staff reinforces the notion that sports can be a powerful tool for fostering wellbeing and building lasting connections within communities.

In the coming months, as the One Extra Time Hub continues to unfold its benefits, it is expected that more care homes and communities will express interest in similar partnerships. The ripple effect of this initiative may extend far beyond Lincoln, inspiring positive change and promoting the importance of physical activity and community engagement for the elderly across the nation.

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