Public Inquiry Set to Examine Controversial Didcot Infrastructure Plan

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An extensive infrastructure proposal for Didcot is poised to undergo meticulous scrutiny in a public inquiry, following its initial rejection by the county council’s planning and regulation committee. The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has intervened, scheduling a 26-day inquiry over a 12-week span to assess the HIF1 Didcot and surrounding areas project.

The intervention comes in the wake of the Council’s dismissal of the planning application in July 2023. Oxfordshire County Council is now obligated to furnish evidence supporting its application for the ambitious scheme, which has the potential to reshape travel dynamics for local residents and commuters.

The proposed plan aims to alleviate congestion in nearby villages, enhance air quality, reduce noise levels, and upgrade pedestrian and cycling connectivity. If approved, the project promises to revamp the travel infrastructure in and around Didcot, offering more sustainable travel options, improving journey reliability, and supporting allocated housing and employment sites.

The public inquiry, set to unfold at Bee House in Milton Park, extends an invitation to the public to attend in person. Additionally, for those unable to participate physically, a live stream will be available on the official public inquiry portal. All relevant documents related to the inquiry can be accessed online or at local libraries in Didcot, Abingdon, Berinsfield, or County Hall.

The inquiry is scheduled to run from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Thursday, concluding at 3 pm on Fridays. Multiple dates have been designated for the inquiry, commencing on February 20, with May 8 to 10 reserved as backup days. A detailed schedule is available on the Council’s official website.

Following the inquiry, a government-appointed inspector will compile a comprehensive report, which will be presented to the Secretary of State. The final decision regarding the fate of the project will rest with the Secretary of State.

The Didcot infrastructure scheme faced rejection from Oxfordshire County Council in the summer of the previous year. After two full days of deliberation in July, seven committee members voted against the proposal, while only two supported it. The basis for rejection primarily centred on the intricacies of the scheme rather than its overarching principle.

One major concern revolved around the utilisation of outdated traffic modelling data, relying on figures from 2016/17, failing to consider the potential traffic impact on Abingdon or Nuneham Courtenay. Additionally, scrutiny was directed at the detailed design of the proposed bridges, with a particular focus on the major bridge over the River Thames near Culham.

As the public inquiry approaches, anticipation grows over the resolution of these contentious issues. The upcoming scrutiny presents an opportunity for the Oxfordshire County Council to present a robust case, addressing the concerns that led to the initial rejection. Meanwhile, the public’s engagement in the inquiry process underscores the significance of community involvement in decisions that shape the local landscape.

In conclusion, the outcome of the public inquiry will significantly impact the future of the Didcot infrastructure project. The government’s final decision, informed by the inspector’s report, will determine whether the scheme proceeds, bringing potential benefits to the region or faces further re-evaluation and revision. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage as this crucial public inquiry unfolds, shaping the trajectory of Didcot’s future travel infrastructure.

Elliot Preece
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