Plymouth’s Crownhill Road Set for Smart Traffic Light Revolution

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Efforts to streamline traffic and cut carbon emissions in Plymouth will kick off today with the commencement of a project to install cutting-edge smart traffic lights along Crownhill Road. The plan, starting at the Budshead Road junction, aims to upgrade signal controllers, with a similar enhancement scheduled for the Transit Way junction starting Monday, 26th February.

The cornerstone of this initiative is MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation), a system renowned for its advanced intelligence. Differing from conventional setups, MOVA not only tracks approaching vehicles but also evaluates the potential impact of queued vehicles on a junction. This adaptive approach allows for dynamic adjustments to the ‘green time’ for each approach, promising a more responsive and intelligent traffic management system.

A key feature of MOVA is its capacity to learn regular traffic patterns, proving advantageous in areas where traffic conditions vary based on factors such as time of day, day of the week, or seasonal changes. Furthermore, MOVA units can establish communication with counterparts at other junctions along the same route, fostering a synchronized and efficient traffic control network.

A representative from the council highlighted the commitment to addressing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, noting that the adoption of MOVA technology is a vital step towards efficient signal performance. The representative stated, “Prioritising the reduction of traffic congestion and carbon emissions in Plymouth, we aim to replace aging systems with intuitive technology like MOVA, ensuring enhanced signal efficiency.”

The upgrades extend beyond signal controllers to include the installation of new extra-low-voltage equipment. This move not only reduces electricity costs but also involves the replacement of signal heads and poles, contributing to the overall resilience of Plymouth’s road network.

Each junction upgrade is anticipated to take approximately three weeks, during which temporary signals, manually controlled to minimise disruption, will be in place. The council acknowledges potential delays and expresses gratitude to the public for their patience during the improvement works.

In addition to the Crownhill Road project, Plymouth City Council has released a comprehensive list of roadworks scheduled for the upcoming week across the city. The council oversees works by utility companies, developers, and other entities, in addition to its own repair, maintenance, and improvement projects. While acknowledging the inconvenience roadworks may cause, a council spokesperson reiterated their commitment to coordinating planned works to minimise disruptions to the transport network.

The initiative aligns with Plymouth City Council’s broader strategy to address congestion and environmental concerns, contributing to the city’s sustainable development. As smart traffic lights pave the way for a more streamlined traffic management system, Plymouth looks towards a future marked by improved efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

In conclusion, the Crownhill Road smart traffic light project is indicative of Plymouth’s commitment to modernising its infrastructure and embracing innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. As the upgrades progress, residents are encouraged to stay informed about ongoing roadworks and anticipate positive changes in traffic dynamics. The integration of MOVA technology heralds a new era in traffic management, setting the stage for potential future developments in Plymouth’s evolving urban landscape.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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