Gainsborough’s Housing Project Commences First Phase with 130 Homes

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In a significant stride toward meeting the escalating demand for housing, the Gainsborough Sustainable Urban Extension project is now underway, promising a transformative addition to the Lincolnshire town’s landscape. Spearheaded by Persimmon Homes, the initial phase of this expansive development comprises 130 properties on land situated off Sweyn Lane, just on the outskirts of Gainsborough town centre.

The overarching vision for this sustainable urban extension includes a potential 2,500 homes, a substantial endeavor that could reshape the local housing market. Savills, having secured outline planning permission for up to 900 homes, plays a crucial role in advancing this project.

The varied house-type range planned for the development includes three, four, and five-bedroom homes, all designed with a focus on energy efficiency and equipped with solar panels. This conscientious approach aligns with the broader vision for sustainable living, incorporating modern features that resonate with environmentally conscious homeowners.

The national housebuilder leading the first phase, committed to investing over £350,000 in education and health contributions for the local area, underscores Persimmon Homes’ dedication to community welfare. Beyond the individual homes, the development encompasses more than 21,000 square metres of public open space—equivalent to three full-sized football pitches—offering residents a balanced and green living environment.

Expressing enthusiasm for the project’s initiation, a spokesperson from Savills in Leeds stated, “After a prolonged period of planning and marketing this site, it’s gratifying to witness the initiation of the first phase’s construction.” Emphasizing the landowner’s commitment to creating market-facing serviced parcels, the spokesperson highlighted the dedication to prompt housing delivery.

“We take pride in delivering this new community on the edge of Gainsborough town centre, addressing the pressing need for new housing, and jobs while providing substantial S106 contributions to the area. This initial collection of new homes by a national housebuilder will catalyze the attraction of other builders to the sustainable urban extension,” added the Savills representative.

The project’s scope extends beyond the initial phase, with the Thonock Park area, located northeast of Hornby, emerging as the next focal point. This parcel, with outline planning permission for 620 homes, has already garnered substantial interest, with bids received for half of the area, highlighting the keen anticipation surrounding this extension. Accessible via Corringham Road, Thonock Park is poised to significantly contribute to the overall development.

Welcoming the commencement of construction on this highly anticipated housing project, the Director of Planning, Regeneration, and Communities at West Lindsey District Council highlighted its pivotal role in addressing the pressing need for additional housing in West Lindsey. The project was hailed as a substantial and welcome addition to the community, with gratitude expressed for the collaborative efforts that brought it to fruition. The positive impact it is poised to have on the region’s growth was underscored.

As the Gainsborough Sustainable Urban Extension gains momentum, it stands as a symbol of progress and a testament to collaborative efforts in meeting the ever-growing demand for housing in the region. With a commitment to sustainability, community well-being, and job creation, this development is poised to redefine the local real estate landscape and contribute to the continued growth of Gainsborough.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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