Rethink Food Unveils Sweeping UK-wide Food Education Initiative to Combat Food Poverty and Obesity Crisis

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A Leeds-based organization, Rethink Food, has escalated its fight against food poverty and obesity by launching an extensive food education program aimed at primary schools across the United Kingdom. The initiative, established in 2014 by former educators who initially focused on alleviating immediate hunger as a barrier to learning, now seeks to revolutionize food education with the goal of delivering 10 million hours of instruction by 2030.

A co-founder of Rethink Food emphasized the urgency of addressing various issues surrounding children and food. “Children encounter numerous challenges related to food, such as tooth decay, obesity, and hunger. We believe the educational material we’re creating will empower them to make better choices now and form healthier lifelong habits.”

The organization, currently supporting over 300 families in Leeds weekly, aims to extend its educational reach to 7,000 schools. While acknowledging the ambitious nature of the mission, the founders underscore the transformative impact it could have on the next generation. Opening its new headquarters this week, Rethink Food is set to launch its innovative education program, focusing on the food lifecycle, sustainable eating, and the importance of making informed choices for personal and planetary well-being.

“Our ambition to deliver 10 million hours of food education into 7,000 schools is no small feat. We know this is an ambitious target, and we’ll have to overcome significant challenges to deliver this. But we firmly believe that teaching the next generation about the food lifecycle, sustainable eating, food waste, and how to make better food and lifestyle choices will change their future for the better,” remarked a co-founder of Rethink Food.

Reflecting on the organization’s origin and evolution, another co-founder noted, “Rethink Food began in response to an immediate problem – as educators, we increasingly saw hungry kids, impacting their ability to focus and manage their own behavior. We now assist more than 300 Leeds families and schools each week with access to surplus food to help mitigate the immediate challenge of hunger, but we need to do more.”

The Rethink Food Programme is designed to alleviate the burden on schools, providing them with engaging and informative educational material that aligns with national curriculum standards. The focus is on making learning about food, nutrition, and lifestyle choices exciting and accessible for young minds.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by schools, the co-founder appealed to educators and parents to champion the cause of future generations. “There are significant time and resource pressures on schools, but we need teachers and parents to advocate for the health of the future generation and enrol their school in our Rethink Food Programme.”

While Rethink Food maintains its commitment to reducing food waste and redirecting surplus food to benefit families, the organization’s expanded focus on education marks a pivotal moment in its journey. By instilling knowledge about the origins of food, sustainability, and healthy choices, Rethink Food aspires to empower children to make informed decisions that will positively shape their lives and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future.

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