Former RAF Officer Cameron Thomas Aims to Upend Conservative Stronghold in Tewkesbury

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The Liberal Democrats have made a surprising choice in selecting Cameron Thomas, a former Royal Air Force (RAF) Police Officer, to challenge the incumbent Conservative MP, Laurence Robertson, in the upcoming General Election. With an extensive military background and a belief in the party’s growing influence in Tewkesbury, Thomas is confident that he is the right candidate to appeal to tactical voters seeking a change in representation.

Thomas, who dedicated 23 years to the RAF, served in various capacities, including deployments to Iraq, Eastern Europe, and the Falkland Islands. His most recent role leading the RAF climate assessment support team allowed him to document the experiences of RAF personnel and hold local commanders accountable. Beyond his military service, Thomas actively volunteers for marine conservation causes such as the Shark Conservation Society in the UK and Pretoma in Costa Rica.

Having been a resident of Tewkesbury since his service at Imjin Barracks in 2016, Thomas is deeply connected to the community. He believes that the increasing popularity of the Liberal Democrats in the county, combined with his own ties, positions him as a strong contender to unseat Robertson.

“Individuals who don’t align with the Conservative party will likely vote for the candidate with the best chance of unseating the Tories, and we believe we have that chance after 26 years of Laurence Robertson’s tenure,” Thomas asserted. “The Liberal Democrats’ capacity to compete in Tewkesbury has grown significantly. We genuinely have a shot this year, and we’re here to stay.”

Expressing the need for change in Tewkesbury, Thomas highlighted the diverse experiences within the constituency and the shared sentiment of being under-represented. Reflecting on his commitment to public service, he expressed dismay at the current state of divisive leadership in Westminster.

“Given my lifelong dedication to public service, I am genuinely concerned about the irresponsible and divisive leadership in Westminster,” he remarked. “My love for this area extends across Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Bishop’s Cleeve, and Cheltenham. The people here deserve better representation; someone who will advocate for them. I am here to instil hope.”

Thomas’s commitment to the community goes beyond politics, as seen in his volunteer work with the Trussell Trust, delivering food parcels to Gloucestershire families facing the cost-of-living crisis. Additionally, he has devoted time to the Butterfly Garden, offering recreation and education to disabled individuals. As a member of Humanists UK, Thomas brings a diverse perspective to his candidacy.

The Liberal Democrats, alongside Thomas, remain optimistic about their ability to bring positive change to Gloucestershire, citing their success in the 2023 Tewkesbury Borough Council Elections. Thomas outlines his priorities, including a push for electoral reform to ensure that under-performing MPs are no longer protected by safe seats. He also emphasizes the need for adequate funding for councils, education reform, and holding water companies accountable for polluting waterways.

“I will advocate for electoral reform to eliminate safe havens for under-performing MPs,” Thomas declared. “I will hold water companies accountable for polluting our waterways; I am determined to stand up for our area. Tewkesbury deserves change, and I am standing to deliver it.”

As the General Election draws near, residents of Tewkesbury face a compelling choice between a seasoned veteran committed to change and an incumbent facing an unexpected challenge. Whether Cameron Thomas and the Liberal Democrats can reshape the political landscape in Tewkesbury and make history by unseating the long-standing Conservative MP remains to be seen.

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