Wonky House Revival: Lincoln’s Historic Gem Undergoes Transformation

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Lincoln’s iconic ‘Wonky House,’ a leaning architectural marvel at 40-42 Michaelgate, is on the brink of a significant revival. The neglected Grade II Listed building is set to receive a much-needed infusion of £350,000 from The Architectural Heritage Fund, steering it away from dereliction and towards becoming a vibrant holiday accommodation.

Collaborating on the venture, the City of Lincoln Council and Heritage Lincolnshire have set their sights on rejuvenating the ‘Wonky House,’ strategically situated within Lincoln’s Cathedral & City Centre Conservation Area. The ambitious project is slated to commence on the week starting January 15, with a projected completion date in May.

Councillor Naomi Tweddle, the Portfolio Holder for Inclusive Economic Growth at City of Lincoln Council, expressed her optimism, stating, “Recognizing the significance of 40-42 Michaelgate in Lincoln’s heritage, we are thrilled to secure funding that ensures the protection and restoration of this property. This is excellent news, enabling us to safeguard the building while creating new holiday accommodation, securing its future.”

Comprising two distinct structures, Number 42 Michaelgate represents a late eighteenth-century house and shop, while 40 Michaelgate is a timber-framed house dating back to the sixteenth century. Tracy Stringfellow, the Chief Executive Officer at Heritage Lincolnshire, conveyed her excitement about the forthcoming restoration efforts. She remarked, “The initiation of work to rescue the iconic Wonky House on Michaelgate is a source of great satisfaction for Heritage Lincolnshire. Through collaborative efforts with the City of Lincolnshire Council, we’ve successfully secured funding from the Architectural Heritage Fund, City of Lincoln Council, and Investors in Lincoln. We eagerly await the transformation of this iconic building into splendid new holiday accommodation, nestled at the top of Steep Hill.”

The historical and architectural importance of the ‘Wonky House’ has made it a focal point for preservation endeavours. The allocated funds not only promise to halt further deterioration but also pave the way for a purposeful rejuvenation. The partnership between Heritage Lincolnshire and the City of Lincoln Council, supported by financial contributions from the Architectural Heritage Fund, City of Lincoln Council, and Investors in Lincoln, underscores the shared commitment to conserving Lincoln’s cultural heritage.

As restoration work commences, the city is abuzz with anticipation for the ‘Wonky House’ to metamorphose into a symbol of historical preservation and a charming getaway for holiday enthusiasts. The journey to breathe new life into this architectural wonder is set to unfold in the coming months, with May earmarked as the anticipated completion month. Stay tuned for the unfolding chapter in the storied history of the ‘Wonky House,’ proudly perched at the summit of Steep Hill.

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