Major Edinburgh Housing Development Set for Approval

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A significant housing development near Meadowbank Sports Centre in Edinburgh is on the verge of approval, with council planners recommending the go-ahead for this expansive project. The proposal, submitted by a development consortium, outlines the construction of over 700 residential units on the vacant land surrounding the sports centre, promising to be a transformative project for the area.

Initially proposed as a 660-unit development, the revised plans now include 704 homes, with a substantial 35 per cent allocated as affordable housing. The scheme is set to be a focal point of the Development Management Sub-Committee meeting on Wednesday, where the application for detailed planning approval will be discussed. Due to significant public interest and 56 objections, the application is receiving close scrutiny.

Project Scope and Layout

The development site spans over seven hectares, strategically situated and bordered by London Road to the southwest, the East Coast Mainline to the southeast, the South Suburban rail line to the northwest, and Wishaw Terrace and Marionville Road to the northeast. The site also encompasses the former location of the old stadium, which has been replaced by a modern sports facility featuring a gym, café, and numerous indoor courts and studios.

The proposed development will be divided into three distinct plots:

  • Plot A: This will consist of 136 flats, 135 square metres of commercial space, and 342 cycle parking spaces.
  • Plot B: This will house 292 units, including a mix of flats and houses, 155 square metres of community space, 81 square metres of commercial space, and 659 cycle parking spaces.
  • Plot C: This will consist of 277 build-to-rent flats within a seven-storey block, 128 square metres of commercial space, and 467 cycle parking spaces.

Affordable Housing and Amenities

The development exceeds the minimum requirement for affordable housing, which is set at 25 per cent. Instead, it will provide 34 per cent affordable units, equating to 237 homes. All units within Plot A and blocks B1 and B2 are designated as affordable housing.

Architectural plans reveal that all buildings will be primarily constructed using buff brick, with the upper sections finished in grey/red metal cladding or concrete tiles. External amenities for residents include courtyards for blocks, private outdoor spaces for houses, and a roof terrace in Plot C. Additionally, some ground-floor flats will have private outdoor spaces. Communal facilities are enhanced by the inclusion of a playpark with an orchard near Block B1, ‘Turntable Park’ on the former locomotive depot site, and the ‘Snakey Path’ along the northeastern boundary.

Council’s Position and Public Response

Council planners have expressed that the proposals align with the requirements of the previous planning permission and the relevant development policies. They see no significant reasons to withhold approval.

Despite this endorsement, the project has prompted a considerable response from the public, with 56 objections lodged. Concerns raised include potential impacts on local infrastructure, traffic congestion, and the adequacy of green spaces. These issues are expected to be addressed in the upcoming sub-committee meeting.

Future Implications

The proposed development at Meadowbank represents a significant step in addressing Edinburgh’s housing needs, particularly in terms of providing affordable housing. If approved, the project will not only offer new homes but also contribute to the city’s broader urban development goals, enhancing the community’s amenities and overall livability.

As Edinburgh continues to grow, such developments will play a crucial role in shaping the city’s landscape. The Meadowbank project, with its blend of residential units, commercial spaces, and community amenities, is poised to become a model for future urban developments in the city.

The upcoming Development Management Sub-Committee meeting will be a critical juncture in determining the project’s fate. Should the proposal receive the anticipated approval, construction is likely to commence shortly thereafter, marking a new chapter in Meadowbank’s evolution and the broader urban regeneration efforts across Edinburgh.

The Meadowbank housing development proposal underscores the city’s commitment to addressing housing shortages while ensuring that a significant portion of new homes are affordable. As the project moves closer to approval, it highlights the importance of thoughtful urban planning and community engagement in shaping the future of Edinburgh. The outcome of Wednesday’s meeting will be eagerly awaited by stakeholders and residents alike, potentially setting a precedent for future developments in the region.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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