Surf’s Up: Scotland’s First Inland Surf Resort to Open Near Glasgow This Autumn

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Watersports enthusiasts and adventure-seeking families in Scotland are set to experience a ground breaking addition to the local tourism landscape. This September, Scotland’s first inland surf resort, Lost Shore Surf Resort, will open its doors, featuring Europe’s largest wave pool just a 45-minute drive from Glasgow.

Located in Newbridge, Ratho, the resort is easily accessible via the M8 and a short distance from Edinburgh Airport. This strategic location aims to transform Scottish tourism, offering a unique blend of activities and amenities, including luxury lodges, wellness facilities, dining options, and shopping.

A New Era for Scottish Tourism

The developers of Lost Shore Surf Resort describe it as a “world-class facility” designed to attract visitors from both the UK and abroad. The centrepiece of the resort is an enormous surfing lagoon, covering an area equivalent to three football pitches. This makes it the largest wave pool in Europe, equipped with advanced wave technology from Wavegarden. The system can generate up to 1,000 customisable waves per hour, catering to surfers of all levels with over 20 different types of waves.

This technology promises to offer surfers rides lasting up to 22 seconds, positioning the resort as the most advanced surf lagoon globally.

A Major Tourism Attraction

Tourism leaders have hailed the resort as a transformative addition to Scotland’s attractions. With its prime location near Edinburgh Airport and its close proximity to other tourist destinations, the resort is expected to draw significant visitor numbers. Early visuals of the resort showcase its impressive facilities, generating excitement ahead of its September opening.

Boosting the Local Surfing Scene

The resort is set to have a profound impact on the local surfing community, with experts predicting it will enhance the level of surfing in Scotland and introduce many new enthusiasts to the sport. The state-of-the-art wave pool could also pave the way for Scottish surfers to compete at higher levels, including international competitions.

Employment Opportunities

In preparation for its grand opening, Lost Shore Surf Resort is looking to recruit around 100 staff members, including specialised roles such as surfing instructors and lifeguards. The resort is committed to providing fair wages and aims to build a diverse and motivated team. Prospective employees do not need to be surfers to join the team, as there are a variety of roles available to suit different skills and interests. The resort is keen to attract passionate individuals who are excited about being part of this unique venture.

Future Prospects

As the opening date approaches, anticipation is building for what promises to be a landmark destination in Scotland. The resort’s innovative design and comprehensive facilities are set to offer an unparalleled experience for visitors, blending thrilling activities with luxury accommodations and wellness options.

The Lost Shore Surf Resort is poised to become a major attraction, enhancing Scotland’s appeal as a tourist destination and offering a new, exciting way to enjoy the natural beauty and vibrant culture of the area.

In conclusion, the launch of Lost Shore Surf Resort signifies a significant step forward for Scottish tourism. With its cutting-edge wave technology, extensive facilities, and prime location, the resort is set to provide an exceptional experience for both seasoned surfers and those new to the sport. As the countdown to September begins, the promise of waves, adventure, and a new chapter in Scotland’s tourism story is on the horizon.

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