Vintage Buses Turn Back Time, Connecting Wrexham and Chester on New Year’s Day

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In a nostalgic twist to welcome the New Year, classic buses are set to travel the scenic route between Wrexham and Chester on January 1st. Building on the success of the last two events, organizers anticipate not only a journey through time but also a charitable accomplishment, mirroring the impressive £1,700 raised for Nightingale House Hospice in the previous year.

One of the organizers expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating, “Once again, we are running two bus services, the primary route connecting Wrexham and Chester, and the other navigating a local Barker’s Lane circular using a delightful mix of heritage and more contemporary vehicles.”

The event is not merely a transportation endeavor; it serves as a unifying force for families seeking a unique experience on New Year’s Day. The organizer adds, “This not only provides a good service between Wrexham and Chester on a day when there is no other service but also brings lots of families together to enjoy a ride on a vintage vehicle. We are very grateful for any donations received, which all go to the fantastic people at Nightingale House. We hope everyone will join us for a ride out in supporting them again this year.”

The heart of the event resides at Wrexham bus station, where onlookers can marvel at a selection of vintage vehicles on display, while others take a brief respite between their duties. To enhance the overall experience, event programmes featuring details about the vehicles and their allocations will be available for £5 at the bus station and on some of the vehicles. Profits from the programme sales will contribute to the noble cause of supporting Nightingale House.

Another key organizer highlighted the significance of the event, stating, “It has been great to organize this event again; it has now become a yearly tradition. This year, with Wrexham A.F.C. playing at home, we have concentrated more buses between Rossett and Wrexham during the time before the match to help with people traveling into town.”

The vintage buses will be in operation from 9 am to 5 pm, offering a convenient schedule for participants. Passengers can hop on at any stop along the usual Number 1 and local service route by merely signaling the bus. As the vintage wheels turn, they promise not only a scenic journey but also a collective effort to support the community through charitable donations.

In addition to the allure of a bygone era, the event takes on a more significant role this year, aligning with the local football schedule. The increased services between Rossett and Wrexham aim to accommodate the influx of football enthusiasts heading into town for Wrexham A.F.C.’s home game.

As the vintage buses weave through the picturesque route, attendees can expect a blend of history, community spirit, and the joy of supporting a charitable cause. The seamless fusion of tradition and modernity on New Year’s Day offers a unique experience for families, history enthusiasts, and football fans alike.

For those considering joining the nostalgic ride, a heartfelt invitation resonates from the organizers: step aboard, enjoy the journey, and contribute to the community spirit that defines this annual tradition. With each turn of the vintage wheels, a chapter of history unfolds, creating memories and supporting a worthy cause that extends far beyond the scenic route from Wrexham to Chester.

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