Demand for Change: Thousands in Cambridgeshire Rally for Ban on Non-Silent Fireworks

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In the aftermath of New Year’s celebrations, a groundswell of support has emerged in Cambridgeshire, with thousands of residents endorsing a petition to Parliament, urging a ban on the sale of non-silent fireworks to the public. The petition, amassing over 5,500 signatures, asserts that the use of loud fireworks is unjust to individuals adversely affected by the noise, particularly those with disabilities or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

With the clock striking midnight on New Year’s Eve, the petition experienced a notable surge in signatures, reflecting a growing sentiment that the unrestricted sale and use of noisy fireworks needs to be curtailed. The impact of these explosive displays goes beyond mere annoyance, with claims that thousands of lives are affected annually.

Breaking down the local support for the petition, residents in various districts of Cambridgeshire have voiced their concerns. As of 10 am on New Year’s Day, the petition had garnered 14 signatures in South East Cambridgeshire, 11 in North East Cambridgeshire, 10 in North West Cambridgeshire, seven in Peterborough, five in Huntingdon, four in South Cambridgeshire, and one in Cambridge.

The crux of the matter lies in the petition’s central demand: “Ban the sale and possession of fireworks to the general public unless they’re silent.” Advocates argue that the period from October to New Year’s, during which the public can freely purchase and use fireworks, places an undue burden on those adversely affected by the ear-splitting noise.

The petition highlights the broad spectrum of individuals impacted by fireworks, including those with disabilities and PTSD. For many, the explosive sounds can exacerbate existing conditions and pose a significant threat to their mental well-being. The call for a ban underscores the need for a more considerate approach to public celebrations, particularly in densely populated areas.

One petitioner expressed, “Thousands of lives are affected every year by fireworks. The noise can impact those who have disabilities or PTSD aggravated by loud noises.” This sentiment resonates with numerous stories of individuals enduring distress, panic, and, tragically, even death due to the unsafe use of fireworks.

Beyond human impact, the petition draws attention to the plight of animals during fireworks displays. The unpredictable and thunderous noises can induce severe stress, panic, and even fatal consequences for animals. Unlike humans, animals lack the understanding and means to escape or cope with the sudden bursts of sound, making them particularly vulnerable during fireworks events.

The petition organizer notes, “Animals have no escape from or understanding of these noises, no matter the day or time.” The plea for change extends to creating a safer environment for both people and animals, emphasizing the need for responsible and considerate use of fireworks.

As the debate gains momentum, proponents of the petition are hopeful that the government will acknowledge the widespread concerns and take decisive action to regulate the sale and use of fireworks. Striking a balance between public celebrations and the well-being of individuals and animals is at the forefront of the argument for a ban on non-silent fireworks.

While fireworks have long been a traditional element of various celebrations, the call for change reflects a growing awareness of the potential harm they can inflict. As communities in Cambridgeshire and beyond unite in this cause, the petition stands as a testament to the power of collective voices advocating for a safer and more inclusive approach to public festivities.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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