Monumental Homage: UK Foundry’s 60ft WWI Memorial Prepares to Grace Washington DC

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In a profound decade-long collaboration, the Pangolin Foundry in Stroud, Gloucestershire, has crafted a colossal 60ft memorial to honor American servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War One. The 25-tonne bronze masterpiece, a testament to the enduring partnership between the UK and the United States, is set to be installed near the White House in Washington later this year.

Sculpted by an acclaimed American artist, the memorial intricately traces the poignant journey of a soldier through the harrowing landscapes of the Great War. The creative process, a labor of love for the artist and Pangolin Foundry, involved the convergence of artistry, technology, and transatlantic collaboration.

A prominent Hollywood actor, a staunch supporter of the project, expressed awe, describing the monument as “breath-taking.” The actor, residing near Bristol, has actively championed the memorial, underscoring its significance in encapsulating the dignity of those who served in the war and the lasting impact it had on communities.

To bring this epic vision to life, a cadre of actors was flown in from the United States. Clad in period-specific attire, they posed in front of an array of cameras, capturing intricate 3D images. These images, transformed into tangible forms using foam and clay, were then meticulously sculpted into life-sized representations in the US.

The sculptures, laden with historical depth and emotional resonance, embarked on a transatlantic journey back to Stroud, where the Pangolin Foundry awaited their arrival. The casting process, a testament to precision and artistry, was overseen by Pangolin Foundry’s director, who expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome.

Reflecting on the long and arduous journey, the visionary behind the memorial emphasized the absence of a Christmas break in the last four and a half years. “We’re getting there; it’s now a matter of days. It’s been four and a half years, and now I can count the days to the end,” the artist remarked. Despite the monumental effort, the artist remains steadfast in the belief that the piece should not glorify war but rather serve as a reflection on humanity’s potential for greatness.

“I’m a pacifist, and this [piece] should be about how we rise to the potential of who we can be as a species,” the artist asserted. The memorial, poised to be a beacon of remembrance and reflection, strives to encapsulate the collective spirit of resilience and humanity’s innate capacity for growth.

The supporter echoed this sentiment, noting that the monument encapsulates the profound mission carried in the hearts of those who fought in the war. “It captures the dignity of the mission the people who fought in that war were carrying in their hearts,” the supporter commented. “The people that they left, the people who served, the trauma that they endured, and the legacy that it left behind.”

As the bronze behemoth nears completion, the focus shifts towards the intricate logistics of its installation in the heart of Washington DC. The Pangolin Foundry’s director expressed enthusiasm for the project’s next phase. “What a project, what a project,” the director exclaimed. “We’re now planning the installation in Washington, which is obviously a mission in itself.”

The unveiling of America’s first national memorial to World War One is eagerly anticipated, promising to be a momentous occasion that unites nations in remembrance and pays tribute to the enduring legacy of those who sacrificed everything for a cause greater than themselves.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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