Rediscovering the Hidden History of Hanover Street’s Buffet Gem

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Nestled beneath the lively surface of Hanover Street in Liverpool lies the forgotten treasure, Buffet Star. Unearthed in 2005, this subterranean culinary delight flourished as a haven for birthdays, dates, and casual after-school gatherings throughout the 00s.

In its infancy, Buffet Star dazzled patrons with a diverse menu featuring delights such as succulent steam salmon, crispy duck, mouth-watering mussels, and the ever-popular Sui Mai. The restaurant’s ambience was equally memorable, with a modern and stylish décor that set the stage for countless memorable meals.

A pivotal moment in Buffet Star’s history unfolded in November 2005 when business advisers and accountants played a crucial role in launching the establishment. Assistance from a business adviser ensured the success of Buffet Star, describing it as a welcome addition to Liverpool’s thriving leisure industry.

By 2008, Buffet Star had become a culinary juggernaut, boasting an impressive buffet with over 60 different dishes. Customers could indulge in a gastronomic journey, returning to the buffet as many times as desired to refill their plates. The pricing was wallet-friendly, starting at £5.90 for lunch, with discounts for children, students, and pensioners, making it a popular choice for diverse demographics.

Local coverage in March 2008 painted a vivid picture of Buffet Star’s offerings, from popular Chinese dishes like beef with green peppers to specialities such as Singapore-style vermicelli. The inclusion of Thai dishes added a unique twist to the menu, making Buffet Star a haven for lovers of both Chinese and Thai cuisine. The well-stocked salad bar, a variety of accompaniments, and a dessert spread featuring ice cream and fresh fruit further enhanced the dining experience.

Despite its popularity, Buffet Star faced a setback in 2013 when it was found guilty of food safety breaches. The establishment committed to restoring its hygiene rating, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and well-cooked dishes.

The ensuing years saw a transformation of the Hanover Street location. In 2014, Buffet Star made way for City Buffet, which continued the tradition of offering a diverse selection of Chinese and Thai dishes, winning praise from customers for its great food, attentive staff, and affordable prices.

In 2022, the location underwent yet another transformation, reopening as the ‘Instagrammable’ cocktail bar, Tonight Josephine. Renowned for the ‘best bottomless brunch in town,’ Tonight Josephine had already earned a devoted following in London, Cardiff, and Birmingham, enticing patrons with its quirky events and extensive cocktail menu.

The reincarnation of Buffet Star’s former home as Tonight Josephine marks a new chapter in the history of this Hanover Street location. As patrons sip on Instagrammable cocktails and revel in the vibrant atmosphere, it’s a reminder of the cyclical nature of dining establishments and how each iteration contributes to the evolving culinary landscape of Liverpool’s city centre. Whether one fondly remembers Buffet Star’s all-you-can-eat feasts or embraces the contemporary charm of Tonight Josephine, Hanover Street’s hidden gem continues to leave its mark on the taste buds and memories of Liverpool’s residents.

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