Detox Health Beauty Event Transforms Edinburgh’s One Spa into a Menopause Hub

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In its fifth year, the Detox Health Beauty event is undergoing a transformative shift, swapping the picturesque Archerfield in East Lothian for the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh’s city centre. The event, scheduled for October 14, will take place at One Spa, nestled within the luxurious Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa. This year’s spotlight is on health and menopause issues, with a lineup of distinguished guest speakers set to share insights and expertise.

The decision to relocate to One Spa was not arbitrary, according to event founder Sheena Skinner. The new format, focusing on talks in a city centre setting, aims to enhance accessibility for both speakers and attendees. Notable figures such as nutrition coach Amanda Hamilton, Iain Bell of the Executive Fitness Foundation, and women’s health expert Dr Katie Young are among the distinguished speakers. Dr Katie Armstrong, Olwen Brunton, and Clare Ward are flying in from London to contribute to the discussions.

Skinner explained that the choice of One Spa aligns with the spa’s launch of its own menopause treatment in collaboration with TEMPLESPA in October. The event has previously graced stunning locations such as Brighton beach, Cascais in Portugal, Archerfield, and Amberley in West Sussex.

The evolution of the event is evident in its shift towards a more focused approach. Initially, plans were in place for a larger wellness event with fitness classes in the spring/summer, but Skinner’s personal perimenopause journey and the health experiences of her friends redirected the course. Thorough research into the broader topic highlighted the lack of easily accessible expert information. The reimagined Detox Health Beauty event seeks to fill this gap, offering a platform for women and men to benefit from the wisdom of the assembled experts.

Reflecting on the continued growth of the lockdown wellness trend, Skinner emphasized the human need for connection and community post-Covid. The pandemic-induced isolation has intensified the desire for social bonds and like-minded communities. Skinner sees wellness activities that foster community support as crucial, noting the increasing popularity of sound baths, breathwork, meditation, and hypnosis in addressing the need for mental quietude.

The focus on menopause support at this year’s event is timely, considering the changing landscape of awareness and openness surrounding midlife transitions. Skinner views this as a feminist movement, with increasing access to support, wisdom, and knowledge making a profound difference in women’s experiences. While progress has been made in recent years, she acknowledges that there is still work to be done in dispelling myths and misinformation surrounding menopause.

Skinner’s vision for the aftermath of the event is clear – she hopes attendees will leave uplifted, inspired, empowered, and excited about their futures. The goal is to counteract the fear and pressure associated with menopause by providing a platform for honest conversations, expert insights, and a sense of community. The Detox Health Beauty event at One Spa aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on women’s health, fostering a sense of liberation and freedom in navigating the often-overlooked journey through midlife.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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