Jet2holidays Unveils Exciting New Greek Escapes from Birmingham Airport

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Birmingham Airport is set to become the gateway to even more idyllic Greek getaways as Jet2holidays announces the addition of two stunning destinations to its summer lineup. Responding to the sustained high demand for Greek vacations, the UK’s largest tour operator is introducing the picturesque island of Symi and the captivating Athens Coast to its extensive roster.

The move comes as part of Jet2holidays’ commitment to providing diverse and enchanting holiday options for British travellers. With a focus on expanding their portfolio, the tour operator is set to enhance the travel experience for holidaymakers seeking sun-soaked adventures.

For those yearning for the perfect blend of history and relaxation, Athens Coast beckons with its ancient wonders and pristine beaches. Jet2holidays has curated an impressive selection of 12 new hotels spread across eight resorts, ensuring that every visitor can find their own slice of paradise along the Athens Coast.

Running from May 2 to October 31, Athens Coast will be easily accessible via flights to Athens Airport, guaranteeing a seamless journey for holidaymakers from Birmingham. Whether indulging in the vibrant city life or basking in the sun on the coastline, travellers can revel in the rich cultural tapestry that Athens Coast has to offer.

Symi, a gem of an island nestled off Rhodes, presents a unique and charming escape for those seeking a more intimate holiday experience. Operating from April 4 to the end of October, Symi-bound flights will touch down at Rhodes Airport. From there, travellers will embark on a picturesque ferry journey of approximately one-and-a-half hours to reach the captivating island of Symi.

With four accommodation options spanning three resorts, Jet2holidays ensures that Symi caters to a range of preferences, from serene retreats to lively seaside hubs. The added allure of this satellite island lies in its authenticity, offering visitors an unspoiled taste of Greek island life.

In total, Jet2holidays is set to revolutionise Greek travel from Birmingham by offering more than 50 weekly services during peak periods. This expansion not only reflects the tour operator’s dedication to meeting the growing demand for Greek holidays but also underlines their commitment to providing diverse options for travellers.

Speaking on the exciting developments, a spokesperson for Jet2holidays expressed enthusiasm about the new additions, stating, “We are thrilled to unveil these two incredible destinations for our customers from Birmingham. The demand for Greek holidays has been consistently strong, and we believe that the addition of Symi and Athens Coast will provide our customers with even more choice and flexibility for their summer getaways.”

The news has been met with excitement among travellers, many of whom have eagerly anticipated the unveiling of Jet2holidays’ latest offerings. The prospect of exploring lesser-known gems like Symi and delving into the historical wonders of Athens Coast has ignited a wave of interest, with holidaymakers already planning their next Greek adventure.

This strategic move by Jet2holidays not only caters to the growing demand for Greek vacations but also positions Birmingham Airport as a key hub for diverse and enriching travel experiences. The expanded services are expected to not only benefit holidaymakers but also contribute to the economic vitality of the region by boosting tourism and related industries.

As the travel landscape evolves, Jet2holidays’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. The addition of Symi and Athens Coast to their roster signifies a significant step in providing holidaymakers with unparalleled options, ensuring that every journey is a unique and memorable experience.

With the promise of sun, sea, and cultural exploration, the Jet2holidays’ expansion to Symi and Athens Coast from Birmingham Airport is poised to redefine the summer travel experience for British holidaymakers. As the anticipation builds, travellers are preparing to embark on a journey that promises not only relaxation and rejuvenation but also the discovery of hidden gems in the heart of Greece.

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