A Festive Gathering of Agri-Fashionistas and Bakers: Kaleb Cooper and Lottie Bedlow to Share Tales in Oxford

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In a fusion of rural charm and culinary delight, ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ sensation Kaleb Cooper and ‘The Great British Bake Off’ alumna Lottie Bedlow are set to grace Oxford with a festive ‘in conversation’ event at Blackwell’s Bookshop on December 3.

The Benjamin Henry Room at Blackwell’s Bookshop will play host to this unique dialogue between two personalities known for their distinct contributions to the world of agriculture and entertainment. The event, priced at a modest £5, promises an intimate atmosphere, limited to an exclusive gathering of 100 guests.

Mr. Cooper, the charismatic farmer from the popular show ‘Clarkson’s Farm,’ is not only the master of the fields but is now venturing into the realm of literature with his new book, ‘Britain According to Kaleb: The Wonderful World of Country Life.’ The book delves into the eccentric and charming tapestry of rural British traditions, offering readers a humorous and insightful journey through the countryside.

Excited about the upcoming event, Mr. Cooper shared his anticipation, stating, “I’m heading into Oxford this Sunday for a festive book signing at Blackwell’s. I’ll be talking all things farming and discussing all the weird and wonderful rural traditions Britain has to offer, alongside Lottie, before signing copies of my new book.”

The conversation is not confined to the fields, as the duo plans to explore a diverse range of topics, from farming and fashion to travel and even the peculiar world of toe-wrestling. It’s a rendezvous where the idyllic countryside meets the glamour of the bake-off tent.

Joining Mr. Cooper on stage, Lottie Bedlow, a graduate in animal behavior studies and a former pantomime producer, brings her unique perspective to the discussion. Having charmed audiences on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ in 2020, Bedlow is no stranger to the limelight. She looks forward to meeting Mr. Cooper, expressing her admiration, “I’m a genuine Kaleb fan, and I cannot wait to meet him and ask him for some advice about a perm I’m thinking of getting. And obviously talking about his new book is going to be great fun too.”

The event kicks off at 2.30 pm with the ‘in conversation’ session between the two personalities, promising an engaging and entertaining discussion. Following the talk, eager fans will have the opportunity to get their books personally signed by the authors during the book signing session, starting at approximately 3.30 pm on the second floor of Blackwell’s Bookshop.

While the ‘in conversation’ event is ticketed at £5 and limited to 100 guests due to space constraints, the subsequent book signing is open for all, allowing fans and enthusiasts to interact with the authors and secure their personalized copies of these literary treasures.

As the festive season unfolds, this Oxford gathering is not just an event for fans of farming and baking; it’s a celebration of the diverse and fascinating traditions that define the British countryside. With Kaleb Cooper’s wit and Lottie Bedlow’s charm, this ‘in conversation’ promises to be a delightful fusion of rural wisdom and baking brilliance, creating a memorable experience for all attendees. So, mark your calendars for December 3 and join the festivities at Blackwell’s Bookshop for an afternoon filled with laughter, insights, and the warm spirit of the season.

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