Gloucestershire Airport Sets Sights on New Horizons with Leadership Overhaul and Investor Pursuit

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Gloucestershire Airport, a linchpin for both the regional economy and the aviation sector, is embarking on a transformative journey with the unveiling of a rejuvenated leadership team and a proactive search for investors. The airport, jointly owned by Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City Councils, is actively seeking partners to not only steer its future but also contribute to its ongoing expansion.

Under the guidance of airport director Jason Ivey, the leadership team has recently reached full strength. Joining Ivey are Lisa Milden as head of people, Chris Brian as head of air traffic, and Helen Webb as head of business development and marketing. This trio complements the earlier appointments of Angela Madigan as head of finance and Brian Rawlings as head of operations in the autumn of the previous year.

This strategic move follows the joint announcement, approximately two months ago, by Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City Councils, in collaboration with the airport, expressing their intention to seek new investors.

Expressing contentment with the bolstered leadership team, Mr. Ivey commented, “I am pleased to now have such an experienced and professional senior leadership team. They will play a pivotal role in supporting myself and both Councils with the sale of the airport, as well as its development in the short to medium term while the sale progresses.”

Ivey underscored the proactive approach, stating, “If we remained static and waited for the sale to happen, we would be regressing, and this wouldn’t be advantageous for either the airport, our tenants, or potential investors.”

Addressing concerns about the airport’s future, the two councils confirmed that the sale will be conducted as a “going concern.” In a joint statement, they conveyed, “We comprehend the significance of the airport to the regional economy, and it will be sold as an operational airport, with measures in place to attempt securing its future as a viable business for the area.”

Considerable interest has already been expressed, with the airport and councils collaboratively working to expedite the site’s introduction to the market. The appointment of appropriate advisors is underway, and necessary due diligence is being conducted in adherence to local government and procurement regulations.

The commitment to ensuring a seamless transition and garnering local support was evident at a recent meeting with businesses situated on the airport premises. These businesses, integral to both the local economy and the aviation community, voiced unanimous support for the airport director and the new leadership team.

Expressing gratitude, Jason Ivey stated, “It’s wonderful to have the backing of our resident businesses,” adding that they comprehend the prioritisation of transforming the airport into a commercially vibrant aviation hub for the benefit of local businesses and the broader community.

As Gloucestershire Airport charts its course for the future, the collaborative efforts of the leadership team, local councils, and businesses underscore a commitment to not only preserving but enhancing the airport’s role as a key player in the regional economy and aviation sector.

In conclusion, the proactive approach and community support suggest a promising future for Gloucestershire Airport as it seeks partners to guide its evolution and sustain its vital contributions to the regional economy and aviation landscape.

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