Exeter Cathedral Welcomes Seven-Metre Mars Replica: An Extra-terrestrial Delight for Visitors

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Prepare for another cosmic spectacle as artist Luke Jerram introduces his latest masterpiece, “Mars: War and Peace,” a seven-metre representation of the Red Planet suspended from the esteemed stone vault nave ceiling of Exeter Cathedral. Building on the success of Jerram’s earlier celestial installations, including the Museum of the Moon and Gaia, this new exhibit promises to enthral visitors with its intricate design and immersive allure.

Scheduled to grace the cathedral from Thursday, February 1, to Wednesday, February 28, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and inquisitive minds to explore the mysteries of our neighbouring planet. Crafted with precision using high-resolution NASA imagery, Jerram’s seven-metre sphere employs a remarkable 1:1 million scale, with each centimetre equating to 10 kilometres on Mars.

Enhancing the experience is a freshly composed auditory masterpiece by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award-winning composer Dan Jones. Seamlessly blending sounds from seas, deserts, and NASA missions to Mars, the composition aims to elevate the immersive quality of the exhibit for all attendees.

The Very Revd Jonathan Greener, Dean of Exeter, eagerly anticipates the arrival, expressing, “I am truly looking forward to the unveiling of Mars: War & Peace at Exeter Cathedral. While I appreciated Luke Jerram’s earlier creations, such as the Museum of the Moon and Gaia, there’s an added allure to Mars that is both remote and enigmatic.”

The exhibition offers a distinctive perspective, inviting visitors to observe Mars as if from a satellite, facilitating detailed mapping and study of the Martian surface. Tickets, priced at £6 per person, encompass cathedral admission, with free entry for individuals under 18 within a family group. Given the anticipated interest, advanced booking is recommended.

Reflecting on his creation, Jerram noted, “Visitors to Exeter Cathedral will be transported to this desert wasteland, to imagine what it is like to set foot on the incredible Red Planet and, by comparison, truly appreciate life on Earth.”

Mars, named after the Roman god of war due to its blood-like appearance, serves as a poignant backdrop for Jerram’s sculpture, intended to underscore themes of injustice and the profound repercussions of war.

The seven-metre Mars replica stands as a testament to the fusion of art and science, beckoning individuals to contemplate the marvels of the universe and the deity credited with its creation. This awe-inspiring installation prompts introspection on the vastness of the cosmos and, concurrently, the delicate nature of life on Earth.

In summary, “Mars: War and Peace” promises to be a noteworthy cultural affair, harmonising science, art, and spirituality within the walls of Exeter Cathedral. As patrons embark on this cosmic journey, they are encouraged not only to ponder the mysteries of Mars but also to reflect on the broader implications for humanity on our planetary abode. The exhibition serves as a unique opportunity for contemplation, fostering a deeper understanding of our place in the vast cosmos.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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