Appeals for Respectful Conduct at Church Weddings Amid Photographer-Clergy Tensions

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A Lincolnshire clergy member has found herself embroiled in a controversy regarding the treatment of photographers during church weddings, with allegations emerging of photographers being subjected to rudeness and abuse whilst carrying out their duties. The dispute has prompted a petition, initiated by a Lincoln-based photographer, who claims to have experienced repeated humiliation in her profession.

The photographer has launched a petition with the aim of initiating a “public discussion” about the interaction between photographers and members of the clergy during church weddings. However, a representative from Nottinghamshire has come forward to defend the church’s stance, asserting that photographers must exercise discretion and avoid causing distraction during ceremonies.

The representative, who presides over a Benefice encompassing several parishes, stressed the importance of maintaining focus on the solemnity of the occasion. She remarked, “I believe it is acceptable to communicate with the clergy regarding appropriate conduct. However, it is imperative not to intrude upon the clergy’s space and divert their attention, as our primary objective is to ensure the lawful union of the couple.”

Furthermore, the representative highlighted concerns regarding potential damage to historical church properties, cautioning against reckless behaviour that might compromise the integrity of these venerable structures. She emphasised, “We must safeguard our ancient buildings from harm. Churches can sometimes present hazards as well. We must refrain from witnessing photographers or their assistants engaging in precarious activities within these sacred spaces.”

In response to the escalating tensions, the photographer shared her viewpoint, citing instances where she felt marginalised and relegated to inconspicuous positions during ceremonies. She underscored that the intention behind the petition wasn’t to vilify clergy members but rather to foster collaboration and understanding. The photographer asserted, “This petition isn’t intended to criticise clergy members or churches. We seek to engage with members of the clergy to explore how we can work together to promote church weddings, which presently constitute only a quarter of UK weddings and are declining.”

The petition, amassing over 900 signatures, outlines photographers’ grievances, labelling the behaviour of some clergy members as “humiliating” and characterising it as a pervasive issue within the wedding photography industry. The photographer, recounting a distressing incident captured on social media, described witnessing a wedding photographer being subjected to aggressive treatment by a clergy member, much to the dismay of onlookers.

The tensions between photographers and clergy members come amidst a broader trend of declining religious weddings in England and Wales. According to data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the proportion of marriages conducted as civil ceremonies has steadily risen, reaching a record 85.5% in 2020.

As the debate continues, both photographers and clergy members are encouraged to engage in constructive dialogue to address grievances and ensure that the sanctity of wedding ceremonies is upheld while accommodating the needs of all parties involved. In an era marked by shifting cultural norms and evolving traditions, finding common ground becomes paramount in preserving cherished customs while embracing the diverse needs of modern couples.

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Dawn Jackson
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