A Shift in Festive Traditions: The Evolution of Christmas Customs

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As the holiday season approaches, a new wave of festive traditions is reshaping the way people celebrate Christmas, according to a recent poll of 2,000 adults commissioned by M&M’S. The study reveals that one in four adults is growing weary of long-standing customs, with age playing a significant role in the evolution of these traditions.

Traditional Christmas practices, such as pennies in the Christmas pudding and sending cards, are believed to be at risk of fading away, according to 40 per cent of respondents. Additionally, 38 per cent think that satsumas in stockings and the timeless act of carolling are in danger of being forgotten.

The study highlights a shift towards ‘new’ traditions, with 24 per cent of respondents opting for sustainable Christmas trees and 22 per cent embracing the practice of regifting unwanted presents. Another 21 per cent are getting cozy with special festive blankets and bedding, signaling a departure from more conventional customs.

The research, conducted to mark the launch of M&M’S Hollow Santa, a hollow milk chocolate shape filled with mini versions of the iconic sweets, reveals that nearly half of those seeking to alter their Christmas traditions (51 per cent) do so to inject novelty into the festive season. A desire to surprise loved ones motivates 41 per cent, while 31 per cent view it as an excellent way to include more people in the celebrations.

Traditional stocking fillers remain a Christmas favourite, with chocolate leading the way at 56 per cent, followed by sweets (34 per cent) and socks (30 per cent). The study delves into the timing of indulging in these sweet treats, with the majority (70 per cent) preferring to start after lunch. However, 12 per cent waste no time and enjoy a chocolatey snack first thing in the morning.

Chocolate emerges as a perennial favourite during the holiday season, with 70 per cent of respondents declaring it as one of their preferred treats. Interestingly, 53 per cent of Gen Z-ers admit to self-gifting at Christmas, with popular items including new clothes, beauty or fragrances, and, unsurprisingly, chocolate.

Cybi Capaldi, from Mars Wrigley, acknowledges the repetitive nature of Christmas traditions and expresses a desire to explore new experiences. “I love Christmas, but every year I remember how repetitive it can be – which is why this year I’ll be trying out some new traditions, such as the modern favourites that made our list, or something completely different entirely like a morning dip in the sea.”

The study also identifies Christmas traditions most at risk of fading away, including the once-common practice of placing pennies in Christmas pudding, satsumas and walnuts in stockings, and the sentimental act of sending Christmas cards. Making paper chains, roasting chestnuts, and sitting around the TV for the King’s speech are also among the beloved traditions facing extinction.

On the flip side, ‘new’ Christmas traditions gaining popularity include shopping in November, opting for sustainable or imitation Christmas trees, spending the entire day in festive pyjamas, and embracing vegetarian or vegan Christmas meals. Festive candles, regifting, Christmas-themed blankets and bedding, homemade presents, and the enjoyment of quirky or unique baubles are also on the rise.

As Christmas traditions evolve, the holiday season is becoming a dynamic blend of cherished customs and innovative practices. The study suggests that people are increasingly open to embracing change and making the festive season uniquely their own, marking a cultural shift in how Christmas is celebrated across generations.

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