Severe Flooding Prompts Urgent Overnight Response in York

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Severe flooding has struck various locations around York, prompting a continuous effort by city workers to contain rising waters. Throughout the night, water pumps have been deployed in key areas, including Tower Gardens, Peckitt Street, and Fordland’s Crescent, as City of York Council intensifies its response to the crisis.

The A19 has been marked with flood warning signs, cautioning residents about the potential dangers associated with the rising water levels. The City of York Council released a statement last night, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the city’s inhabitants. The spokesperson urged residents to exercise caution, advising against entering floodwater due to the hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface.

As of this morning (Tuesday, December 12), the Environment Agency has issued six flood warnings for the York area, indicating an imminent threat of flooding. Additionally, four flood alerts have been issued, suggesting that flooding is possible in these areas.

The Environment Agency reported that the River Ouse, a significant waterway in the region, remains at a high level due to heavy rainfall, reaching a peak of approximately 4.2 meters. Forecasted flooding is expected to impact locations near the River Ouse, with low-lying areas anticipated to bear the brunt of the rising waters.

Residents are strongly advised to implement their flood plans and avoid any unnecessary travel through flooded areas. The Foss Barrier is currently operational, and field teams have taken measures to close riverside floodgates. Water levels are anticipated to gradually recede throughout the day.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service responded to a flood-related incident in Naburn at 10:24 pm on Monday, December 11. Crews were called to a basement flooded in three feet of water, compromising the electrical systems. Firefighters swiftly isolated the power and utilized a portable pump to extract as much water as possible from the premises.

The six flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency pertain to specific areas along the River Ouse:

  1. Acaster Malbis
  2. Naburn Lock
  3. Fulford and Fordlands Road
  4. York – Riverside properties
  5. Skeldergate and Tower Street
  6. St George’s Field and Queen’s Staith

In addition to the flood warnings, four flood alerts have been issued, signaling the possibility of flooding in the following areas:

  1. Osbaldwick Beck and Tanghall Beck
  2. River Foss
  3. Tidal River Ouse from Naburn Lock to Selby
  4. Upper River Ouse

The Environment Agency advises residents to stay vigilant and adhere to safety guidelines. The situation is dynamic, and updates will be provided as conditions evolve. The concerted efforts of City of York Council, emergency services, and the Environment Agency aim to minimize the impact of the flooding and ensure the safety of residents in affected areas.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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