Encouraging Employment Trends in York and North Yorkshire as 2023 Concludes: A Comprehensive Overview

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Amidst economic uncertainties, York and North Yorkshire showcase positive employment trends as 2023 nears its end. Recent data paints a nuanced picture of the job market, with slight fluctuations over the past month but an overall positive trajectory compared to the previous year.

According to recent figures, the claimant count in York for November stands at 2,305, including 520 individuals aged over 50. This marks a 4% decrease overall from a year ago, despite a recent uptick of 60 in the total count and ten more for the over 50s compared to October.

In Ryedale, the claimant count totals 560, including 170 over 50s. Although there is a marginal 2% increase in the overall count from last year, the figures for the over 50s show a 3% decrease. Interestingly, compared to October, the overall count remains unchanged, but there is a noticeable rise of ten for the over 50s.

Reflecting on the year, the Employer & Partnership Manager for York & North Yorkshire expressed optimism about the region’s employment landscape. Emphasizing the collaborative efforts at the local jobcentre, there was a focus on the dedicated work to assist both job seekers and employers.

“It’s been a busy, positive year at the jobcentre with everyone working hard to help jobseekers and employers,” noted the Manager. The spotlight was on the establishment of new partnerships with businesses, exemplified by a successful collaboration with a retail brand during the Christmas recruitment season. The jobcentre’s agility in facilitating swift turnarounds in recruitment processes was highlighted as a notable achievement.

The jobcentre has also expanded its outreach through an increase in job fairs, including innovative events such as speed-interviewing days, well-being support fairs, and specialized events tailored for job seekers aged 50 and above.

As the new year approaches, plans for 2024 include collaboration with an infrastructure entity on their initiative to enhance the representation of women in a specific sector. Additionally, a partnership for the recruitment of a new establishment is underway. An upcoming Jobs Fair scheduled for January 24 is expected to provide further opportunities for job seekers in the region.

Looking beyond the local scope, the broader employment landscape in Yorkshire and Humberside shows resilience and growth. The number of people employed in the region stands at 2.618 million, representing an increase of 1,000 on the quarter and 9,000 on the year. Despite a marginal decrease in the employment rate (aged 16-64), now at 74.5%, the number of unemployed individuals remains unchanged on the quarter, with a significant decrease of 16,000 on the year. The unemployment rate stands at 3.4%, remaining steady on the quarter and declining by 0.6% on the year.

While challenges persist, the positive trends in employment, coupled with proactive measures taken by relevant departments, signal a promising outlook for the region. As the new year approaches, stakeholders are optimistic that these collaborative efforts will continue to foster a robust and inclusive job market in York and North Yorkshire.

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