OVO Hydro Terminates £1 Plastic Cup Return Scheme to Simplify Process

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Glasgow’s renowned OVO Hydro has bid farewell to its green deposit initiative, where attendees at events could reclaim £1 for every plastic cup returned post-gig. This decision, lauded by the venue’s management as an effort to streamline operations, has evoked a mixed response among patrons, with some expressing disappointment.

Previously, concert-goers could exchange used plastic cups for a pound each, with a limit of six cups per person. This incentive ignited a flurry among music enthusiasts post-show, as they scoured the premises for discarded cups, forming queues to cash in on their returns.

In an official statement posted on the Hydro’s website, management elucidated their decision: “We have removed our £1 deposit to simplify the process of purchasing a drink and returning your cup for everyone involved. We hope for your support on this new approach. Thank you for aiding our sustainability journey by leaving your cup at the OVO Hydro.”

However, this change hasn’t been without its critics. Notably, an actress, well-known for her role in “Still Game,” expressed her disappointment after attending a recent performance at the venue. A towering stack of reusable cups she had collected proved futile as she discovered the scheme’s abrupt termination.

Fans empathised with the actress’s plight, with one commenting on her Instagram post, “Apologies for the disappointment, but the humour in this situation is priceless.” Another remarked, “Who would’ve thought we’d witness such distress over cups?”

This decision comes against the backdrop of a troubling incident in December 2022, where a 53-year-old woman suffered a serious facial injury during a confrontation over cups following a Paolo Nutini concert. While collecting leftover cups, she was confronted by a young woman, believed to be in her twenties, who accused her of taking cups that belonged to her. The altercation escalated, resulting in the older woman allegedly being headbutted as the younger one forcibly grabbed the cups.

The termination of the deposit scheme raises questions about the balance between sustainability initiatives and operational efficiency in large-scale event venues. While the scheme aimed to incentivise recycling and reduce plastic waste, its discontinuation reflects the challenges and complexities of implementing such programmes in practice.

As OVO Hydro navigates this transition, it remains to be seen how patrons will adapt to the new system and whether alternative sustainability measures will be introduced in the future.

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