Broad Marsh Car Park Introduces Unusual Measures to Combat Water Damage

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Drivers navigating the Broad Marsh Car Park in Nottingham are encountering a new challenge – seven raised strips strategically placed at the entrance and exit points. Contrary to popular belief, these bumps are not a speed deterrent, but rather a unique solution to prevent wet vehicles from causing harm to the £50 million facility.

Nottingham City Council disclosed that the decision to install these raised strips was part of a broader contract with a company responsible for maintaining road surfaces within the car park. The primary goal is to address the issue of water accumulating in parking bays during adverse weather conditions, which has reportedly damaged road surfaces in other car parks nationwide. The council spokesperson explained, “The intention is to assist in removing water from cars during heavy rain or occasional snow, thereby reducing the risk of water pooling in bays after parking. We’ll review the effectiveness of this measure in the coming weeks before reaching a final decision.”

Despite the council’s explanation, drivers have expressed dissatisfaction with the unconventional solution. Criticisms range from questions about the practicality of the measure to suggestions that the funds could have been better spent elsewhere. Some argue that the bumps are easily avoidable, rendering them ineffective in achieving their intended purpose.

Social media has become a platform for disgruntled drivers to voice their concerns anonymously. One user dismissed the raised strips as a “low-cost mitigating solution,” suggesting that it is merely a trial by the council to reduce long-term maintenance and resurfacing expenses. Others raised doubts about the overall suitability of the car park, stating that the building appears “not fit for purpose.” Concerns were also expressed about potential congestion and pollution as drivers navigate these bumps cautiously.

Amid the criticism, some users attempted to find humour in the situation, suggesting inventive solutions such as incorporating Dyson car dryers in the car park. Sarcastic comments like “Ensure your car is dry before parking, thank you” circulated online, adding a touch of levity to the controversy.

The raised strips, described as easy to avoid as they “don’t go all the way across,” faced additional scrutiny from those advocating for more essential road maintenance. A plea was made to redirect funds towards fixing potholes instead of investing in unconventional measures. One user expressed frustration, stating, “Meanwhile, in the real world, potholes on our roads are turning into sinkholes. Fix them. I’m convinced the council lives in their own little dream world. Bit sad, really.”

The Broad Marsh Car Park, a significant infrastructure investment at £50 million, boasts around 1,300 spaces across six floors, with an additional 81 electric vehicle charging spaces. As the controversy surrounding the raised strips unfolds, motorists and residents await the council’s decision on whether this peculiar solution to water damage will persist or be reconsidered in favour of alternative measures.

In conclusion, the Broad Marsh Car Park’s unconventional approach to preventing water damage has sparked debate among drivers and residents. While the raised strips aim to address a specific issue, their effectiveness and practicality are being called into question by a vocal group of critics. As Nottingham City Council deliberates on the future of these bumps, the broader conversation about the allocation of resources and the city’s priorities continues.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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