Major Overhaul Planned for Exeter College Campus

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Exeter College, nestled along Hele Road, is gearing up for a significant transformation as it unveils the next phase of its ambitious rebuild project. The college, with its iconic tower block standing tall for over two decades, is set to undergo a radical modernization and expansion effort, marking a significant milestone in its history.

The comprehensive masterplan, greenlit by Exeter City Council back in December 2019, charts a course for the demolition and reconstruction of most existing buildings on the campus. This includes bidding farewell to the familiar sight of the tower block, among others, making way for state-of-the-art replacements.

The upcoming phase of the masterplan, known as Block B, is now on the horizon. This phase seeks approval from planners for reserved matters concerning access, appearance, landscaping layout, and scale, particularly focusing on the partial demolition of the aging three-storey Baker Building, which is deemed to be in a state of disrepair.

However, amidst the demolition and reconstruction, elements of the campus’s heritage will be preserved. The Hele Building, the Lawrence Building, and St David’s/Greystone House are among those slated for retention, offering a blend of tradition and modernity in the college’s landscape.

The development is strategically phased to ensure the college’s operations continue smoothly. The initial phase, following the completion of the Institute of Technology project, will witness the replacement of the Baker Building with dedicated facilities for humanities, English, foreign languages, and IB faculties. Block B, although initially standalone, will be seamlessly integrated with future constructions, forming a cohesive campus environment.

Notably, the rejuvenated campus will feature a new pedestrian walkway, enhancing connectivity between St David’s Station and the city centre, further cementing the college’s role within the community.

According to the design and access statement submitted to the council for Block B, the new building will offer approximately 3,265 square meters of additional floor space, housing dedicated teaching areas, lecture theatres, a café space overlooking an amphitheatre, and a state-of-the-art Learning Resource Centre catering to over 1,100 students across various educational levels.

Funding for this prestigious project is expected to come from central government funding streams, aiming to replace outdated facilities housed within the Baker Building.

While Block B is anticipated to stand out with its ‘significant elevational prominence’, it will be dwarfed by the existing 10-storey tower at the heart of the college. Nevertheless, long-term plans envision the removal of the tower, paving the way for a more modest structure that aligns with the evolving architectural landscape.

Furthermore, the development underscores a commitment to sustainable transport, with provisions for 40 cycle parking spaces catering to the needs of students and staff.

The recent application marks the commencement of the reserved matters application process, signifying a tangible step forward in the realization of Exeter College’s visionary masterplan.

As Exeter College embarks on this transformative journey, it not only reinforces its commitment to educational excellence but also underscores its dedication to architectural innovation and community integration. With each phase of development, the college paves the way for a brighter future, enriching the academic experience and shaping the cultural fabric of Exeter.

In conclusion, the unveiled plans for Exeter College herald a new chapter in its illustrious history, blending tradition with modernity, and laying the foundation for a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for generations to come.

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