Triumph for Activists as Plans to Charge Drivers at War Memorial Park Scrapped

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Activists are celebrating a significant triumph as proposals to implement parking charges at Coventry’s War Memorial Park have been abandoned by the council, citing a substantial public outcry.

The Supporters of The War Memorial Park, a local community group, have expressed their joy as the decision ensures that parking at the park will remain free. The proposal to impose parking fees came amidst the backdrop of a looming budget shortfall of £29 million by the fiscal year 2024/25, prompting the council to explore various avenues to alleviate financial strains.

The contentious plan threatened to abolish the current provision of three-hour free parking, a move vehemently opposed by the Supporters group, who argued that such measures would not serve the best interests of park users or emerging businesses in the vicinity. In response, they launched a vigorous campaign urging the council to reconsider its stance on parking charges.

Following an extensive consultation process and the submission of a petition signed by over 3500 Coventry residents, the council ultimately opted to backtrack on its proposal. Despite facing mounting budgetary pressures, the council resolved to retain the existing three-hour free parking policy at the War Memorial Park.

The Chair of the Supporters of The War Memorial Park expressed gratitude towards those who actively participated in the debate and contributed their perspectives to the discourse. They highlighted the overwhelming support garnered from 3500 park users who opposed the notion of restricting access to the park’s recreational amenities. The Chair also commended the efforts of local councillors, acknowledging their steadfast advocacy for preserving the park’s accessibility.

“The councillors are great supporters of the Park and what it means to all the people of Coventry who use it,” remarked the Chair. “As Chair of the Supporters, I’d like to thank everyone who got involved: for protecting visitors’ rights to enjoy the Park as they always have, and for valuing it as one of the jewels in Coventry’s crown.”

In expressing hopes for the future, the Chair expressed optimism that the decision by the council would be vindicated through increased patronage of the park and its facilities by the residents of Coventry as the year progresses.

The resolution to retain free parking at the War Memorial Park underscores the significance of community engagement and advocacy in influencing local policy decisions. As Coventry navigates its fiscal challenges, the preservation of cherished public spaces such as the War Memorial Park stands as a testament to the enduring commitment of its residents towards safeguarding communal amenities.

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