Tailored Leisure Sessions Offered for Visually Impaired Individuals in Cheshire

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In a bid to promote inclusivity and enhance the quality of life for visually impaired individuals, specialised leisure sessions are now available in Chester and Ellesmere Port, courtesy of Brio Leisure and Vision Support.

Following a successful taster session in late 2023, these sessions have become a regular feature in the activity programme, aiming to not only encourage physical activity but also to combat social isolation among participants.

Among the activities offered is New Age Kurling, a weekly event during the winter months where participants, including members from the Walled City VI Social and Activities Group, gather to socialise and engage in physical activities. These sessions provide a supportive community environment where individuals can bring their guide dogs and interact with others.

A volunteer at Vision Support emphasised the importance of these sessions in addressing social isolation, stating, “These sessions provide a consistent opportunity for the group to come together and enjoy each other’s company throughout the year. Kurling offers a weekly chance for socialisation.”

Josh Garland, Cheshire services manager at Vision Support, highlighted the variety of activities available, ranging from indoor kurling to gym sessions and swimming. The overarching goal is to alleviate the social isolation often experienced by visually impaired individuals.

Encouraging those with visual impairments to participate, Garland said, “We encourage individuals with visual impairments to give it a try. Our aim is to support those with visual impairments by offering activities suitable for everyone in collaboration with volunteers and partners like Brio.”

A member of Vision Support and the Walled City VI group shared a positive experience, expressing appreciation for the curling group and emphasising the enjoyment derived from participating in such activities.

Aside from curling, Vision Support has organised dedicated gym sessions at Northgate Arena in Chester every Tuesday, where participants can receive support from Brio personal trainers who tailor workout plans and routines to individual needs. Additionally, casual swim sessions are offered every Wednesday at Northgate Arena and every Friday at Ellesmere Port Sports Village, providing inclusive fitness opportunities for all.

Kerry Goryl, operations manager at Brio Leisure, reiterated the company’s commitment to inspiring everyone to lead happier and healthier lifestyles. She emphasised the importance of partnership working in removing barriers that prevent visually impaired individuals from being physically active, highlighting the positive impact such initiatives have on people’s lives.

Sessions are open to all at Northgate Arena and Ellesmere Port Sports Village, with Leisure Card holders receiving a £1 discount per pay-as-you-go gym and swim session. Brio members can access facilities as part of their membership.

These specialised leisure sessions represent a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and enhancing the well-being of visually impaired individuals in the Cheshire region. As efforts continue to expand such initiatives, the hope is to create even more opportunities for participation and community engagement in the future.

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