Proposals for Alcohol Service and Events at River Hamble Country Park Spark Controversy

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An application to introduce alcohol service and host various events at River Hamble Country Park has ignited a debate among residents, with concerns raised over wildlife safety, noise pollution, and increased traffic in the area.

Put forth by Hampshire County Council, the plans outline intentions to hold a range of activities including concerts, dances, films, country shows, and fun days within the park premises. As part of the licensing application, the council seeks permission for a broad spectrum of activities, including plays, films, live music, and the supply of alcohol, extending from 8am until 11.59pm.

However, ahead of an upcoming meeting scheduled for next week to deliberate the matter, objections have been lodged by 14 residents with the Eastleigh Borough Council. One of the dissenting voices articulated concerns about the potential divergence from the park’s mission statement, citing anticipated increases in noise, litter, unsociable behaviour, and threats to local wildlife. The objector warned of broader ramifications, including heightened drug use, fire hazards from smoking, and the likelihood of private parties proliferating throughout the park. Moreover, they questioned the adequacy of policing measures and who would bear the associated costs.

Echoing similar sentiments, another resident stressed the importance of maintaining the park’s focus on its rural charm, cautioning against the encroachment of commercial interests. They highlighted a spectrum of potential negative impacts, ranging from litter and noise pollution to traffic congestion and disruption to wildlife habitats. They advocated for a balanced approach that considers the park’s natural environment alongside any financial gains from hosting events.

Conversely, there have been voices in support of the proposed changes. One resident expressed optimism about the initiative, viewing it as an opportunity for the park to bolster its revenue streams and enhance community engagement. They emphasized the park’s significance as a local asset and endorsed the idea of utilizing its spaces for events, particularly for the benefit of the surrounding community.

The application outlines measures aimed at mitigating potential concerns, including the presence of stewards and security personnel during events, conducting risk assessments for all activities, implementing sound monitoring protocols, and adhering to event capacity limits.

The fate of the application is set to be determined at a licensing panel meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, at 10am.

The proposal has sparked a vibrant debate within the community, reflecting divergent views on balancing the preservation of natural spaces with the pursuit of commercial opportunities. As stakeholders prepare to convene for the upcoming meeting, the deliberations are poised to address key concerns regarding environmental conservation, public safety, and the park’s role within the local community.

Danielle Trigg
Danielle Trigg
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