Edinburgh Food Charity Loses Permanent Base, Appeals for Urgent Assistance

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Tummies Not Trash, a local charity dedicated to combating food waste by redistributing surplus food, faces an urgent challenge after being compelled to vacate its current premises on Gorgie Road. The entirely volunteer-run group recently announced on social media that they were forced to leave their hub due to the property’s temporary allocation and the identification of a new tenant.

The charity, known for its commendable efforts in collecting surplus food and redistributing it to the community, expressed gratitude for the temporary space but stressed the unexpected speed at which they had to depart. Their previous location was at Gorgie Farm, and the recent move was intended to be a more permanent solution. Unfortunately, the charity now finds itself without a fixed base once again.

In a social media post, Tummies Not Trash informed its supporters about the situation: “Regrettably, we have some news. This is our last week at 156 Gorgie Rd. We will have our last day on Thursday as we need to vacate by Friday. As many of you will know, the hub was only given to us on a temporary basis and much sooner than we thought, a new tenant will be taking over the space.”

The abrupt nature of their departure has left the charity in a challenging position. They are currently relying on partner organisations to continue their food distribution efforts while actively searching for a new, permanent location. The urgency is compounded by the need for funding to secure a suitable space.

“If anyone knows of premises we can use, then please get in touch. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to use the space. It’s been great to have a base in Gorgie which has helped @tummiesnottrash grow, and we’ll keep you all updated when we have positive news,” the post continued.

Tummies Not Trash has played a crucial role in addressing the issue of food waste in Edinburgh, and the sudden disruption to their operations raises concerns about the potential impact on the local community. The charity’s reliance on community support and engagement makes finding a new location of paramount importance.

Local residents, businesses, and philanthropic entities are encouraged to reach out if they have information about potential premises or are willing to support the charity financially. Tummies Not Trash has been a vital link in redistributing surplus food to those in need, and the community’s assistance in this challenging time can make a significant difference.

As the charity navigates this unexpected setback, supporters are hopeful that a suitable permanent location will be secured soon, allowing Tummies Not Trash to resume its essential services and continue making a positive impact on both food waste and community well-being.

In conclusion, Tummies Not Trash, a local charity combating food waste, faces an uncertain future after being compelled to vacate its premises on Gorgie Road. The charity’s plea for assistance underscores the crucial role it plays in addressing food waste and supporting the community. As they actively seek a new permanent location, the support of local residents and businesses becomes paramount in ensuring the continuity of their essential services.

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