Chester Bar Aims to Strike a Chord with Karaoke Expansion

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Plans have emerged to introduce private karaoke rooms on the upper levels of a popular Chester city centre bar, promising a harmonious transformation to the local nightlife scene. Shafiq Sharif, the visionary behind the Guroma Bangladeshi street food stall in New Chester Market and Warrington Market, is looking to enhance the entertainment landscape in Chester with this creative proposal.

The proposed venue for this musical venture is the Northgates cocktail bar on Northgate Street. Presently, the upper floors of the establishment serve as storage space, a compact kitchen, and house toilet facilities. However, pending approval, these spaces will undergo a metamorphosis into three exclusive karaoke rooms, providing patrons with a secluded area to showcase their musical prowess.

As per a comprehensive design and access statement, Shafiq Sharif envisions bridging a gap in Chester’s nightlife by introducing a private karaoke experience—a sought-after feature among both locals and tourists. The plan involves repurposing existing rooms on the third floor into karaoke spaces, complemented by the addition of an extra toilet on the second floor to accommodate the anticipated increase in visitors.

The goal of this musical venture is to “craft an intriguing, unique nightlife experience for Chester that pays homage to modern popular music culture.” The design ethos revolves around seamlessly integrating with the existing character of the building, which holds the prestigious Grade II listing. To ensure that the musical euphoria within the karaoke rooms remains contained, plans include the installation of soundproofed walls.

While the concept sounds like a crescendo of enjoyment, the plans are not without their hurdles. A pre-application advisory from a Cheshire West and Chester Council planning officer has raised concerns about the proximity of the site to residential properties on Abbey Square. The officer emphasized the necessity for a meticulous evaluation of alterations to the Grade II-listed building, taking into consideration the potential impact on the nearby residential area.

The proposal promises an exhilarating addition to Chester’s eclectic nightlife, presenting a distinct space for music enthusiasts to congregate and relish their favourite tunes away from the bustling bar scene. Should it receive approval, the karaoke rooms at Northgates cocktail bar could emerge as a magnet for those seeking a more intimate and exclusive musical encounter.

As part of the effort to strike a balance between entertainment and respect for the historical significance of the building, the design intends to seamlessly blend modernity with the tradition. The fusion of contemporary music culture with the allure of a Grade II-listed structure could become a hallmark feature of Chester’s evolving cityscape.

While the plans are generating excitement among those eager to belt out their favourite tunes in private, the journey to approval entails careful consideration of the potential impact on the immediate surroundings. The delicate equilibrium between enhancing the city’s nightlife and respecting the tranquillity of nearby residents is a pivotal aspect that the local authority will scrutinize when evaluating the proposal.

The destiny of this musical expansion now lies in the hands of the Cheshire West and Chester Council, who will scrutinize the plans at a future date. If the proposal secures approval, Chester’s Northgates cocktail bar could soon be synonymous with a distinctive blend of historic charm and contemporary entertainment, providing a stage for locals and tourists to forge enduring memories in the heart of the city.

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Danielle Trigg
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