Abingdon’s £2.4 Million Cycling Transformation Set to Reshape Town Center

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In a move set to significantly enhance Abingdon’s cycling landscape, the Oxfordshire County Council has approved a £2.4 million funding proposal aimed at revitalizing the town’s segment of National Cycle Network 5 (NCN5). Pending approval from the government’s Active Travel Fund, the initiative is poised to bring about substantial changes to the heart of Abingdon.

The proposed improvements will focus on upgrading the Abingdon section of NCN5, currently tracing its route along the eastern outskirts of the town, passing Peachcroft before weaving through the town center via the A415.

The County Councillor for Abingdon North expressed optimism about the potential transformation. “If successful, this bid will bring about a positive change in the center of Abingdon, benefitting residents and tourists alike,” remarked the councillor. He highlighted the anticipated simplification of pedestrian and cyclist experiences, especially when traversing from the market place towards Abbey Gardens or East St Helen Street, and vice versa. The councillor also emphasized the potential elimination of the need for pedestrians and cyclists to wait on narrow refuge islands for a gap in traffic, envisioning a more streamlined and efficient flow for active travel enthusiasts.

Acknowledging the positive impact the proposed changes could have on cyclist safety, the Chair of Abingdon Cycling Club welcomed the news. “Any designated cycling lanes or improvements to cycling lanes are a positive development for us,” he stated. He drew attention to the challenges faced by cyclists crossing the A415, citing incidents where vehicles dangerously approached club members. “Anything that enhances our safety near the A415 is very welcome,” he affirmed.

For the leader of the Vale of White Horse District Council, the focus was on the broader environmental benefits of investing in cycling infrastructure. “Quality cycling routes are crucial to reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and reducing congestion, and we welcome active travel investment in our communities,” she asserted. The acknowledgement of cycling as an eco-friendly mode of transportation aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainable travel options.

While the specifics of the Abingdon cycle path improvements remain undisclosed, a spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council explained that detailed plans are still under discussion with Active Travel England. The spokesperson clarified that the approved bids for active travel funding, including the Abingdon NCN5 improvements, are part of a comprehensive strategy. Other projects in the proposal encompass cycling access improvements between Madley Park and the town center in Witney, cycle parking facilities for staff at Oxford University Hospitals, and the implementation of the School Streets program.

As the council eagerly awaits a response from Active Travel England, the anticipated timeline for funding reception, if successful, is spring 2024. The developments in Abingdon reflect a broader commitment to fostering active travel, addressing environmental concerns, and bolstering the safety and convenience of cyclists and pedestrians in the region.

The potential infusion of £2.4 million into Abingdon’s cycling infrastructure signals a significant step towards creating a more sustainable and cyclist-friendly town center, demonstrating the commitment of local authorities to promote active travel and address the evolving needs of the community.

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