Wales Road Safety: GoSafe Mobile Speed Cameras Reveal January 2024 Locations and Update on 20mph Enforcement

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Welsh roads are slated for increased vigilance as GoSafe mobile speed cameras disclose their January 2024 locations. The announcement places a particular emphasis on updates regarding 20mph enforcement, addressing recent discussions about potential intensification. Operating across Gwynedd, Conwy, Flintshire, Denbighshire, Wrexham, and Anglesey, these mobile speed cameras play a pivotal role in mitigating speeding violations and enhancing overall road safety.

The GoSafe fleet, consisting of marked vans and motorcycles, strategically positions itself in villages, towns, cities, and rural roads. Manned by fully-trained police staff or officers, these vigilant cameras rigorously monitor vehicle speeds to ensure compliance with traffic regulations. The monthly release of enforcement sites reflects the dynamic approach of the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, with cameras rotating to cover various locations.

Providing insights into the evolving landscape of 20mph enforcement, Teresa Ciano, Partnership Manager at GoSafe, delivered a comprehensive update. Ciano clarified the current stance on 20mph enforcement, particularly in areas transitioning from 30mph to 20mph on 17th September 2023.

“In summarizing the current position on 20mph enforcement by GoSafe,” Ciano began, “In areas that shifted from 30mph to 20mph on 17th September 2023, GoSafe has the continued support of Chief Officers to allow the public time to acclimate to the change in limits.”

Recognizing the importance of acclimatization, GoSafe, in collaboration with the four police forces in Wales, expressed their commitment to gradually implementing broader enforcement measures. Ciano hinted at an upcoming joint statement to be issued by GoSafe and Welsh police, signalling the initiation of enhanced enforcement efforts.

“Together, GoSafe and Welsh police will persist in using an engagement-focused approach to 20mph. Our priority is to inform the public,” Ciano emphasized. Roadside engagement sessions, integral to their strategy, have been consistently conducted by GoSafe, Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, and other partners. These sessions aim to assist drivers in adapting to the revised speed limits, fostering a culture of compliance and safety on the roads.

In a noteworthy development, GoSafe unveiled the commencement of ‘Operation Ugain’ on 8th January. This operation involves dedicated teams working under the GoSafe banner to conduct engagement sessions throughout 2024. The goal is to provide ongoing support for drivers adjusting to the 20mph limits and to underscore the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders in promoting road safety.

“Our aim is to ensure compliance with the speed limits for the benefit of road safety, not to catch people out. Enforcement is conducted where there is evidence of risk and harm to people. Each location is assessed prior to enforcement taking place,” Ciano clarified, emphasizing the calibrated and strategic nature of their enforcement actions.

The dynamic approach adopted by GoSafe reflects a commitment to striking a balance between enforcement and public education. By prioritizing engagement and information dissemination, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership aims to create a safer road environment while affording the public the necessary time to adapt to evolving speed limits.

As the wheels of Operation Ugain set in motion, drivers in Gwynedd, Conwy, Flintshire, Denbighshire, Wrexham, and Anglesey can anticipate continued engagement sessions aimed at fostering a culture of responsible driving. With road safety at the forefront, GoSafe remains a steadfast partner in ensuring the well-being of all road users across Wales.

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