Residents in Woodingdean Experience Delays Amidst Road Resurfacing

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Ongoing road resurfacing in Woodingdean has led to significant delays for residents, prompting Brighton and Hove Buses to introduce two additional shuttle bus services to alleviate inconvenience.

The resurfacing project on Warren Road, which commenced on Monday, December 4, required the closure of the main thoroughfare from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays. While the closure aimed to enhance the road’s condition, it left locals facing extended waiting times and adverse weather conditions.

Reports emerged of residents enduring waits of up to 70 minutes in freezing December temperatures, especially during the late evening hours. Brighton and Hove Buses swiftly responded to concerns by announcing the introduction of two extra services starting from 8 p.m. The additional routes were implemented immediately, with one commencing opposite the White Horse pub in Rottingdean at 8:05 p.m.

However, the initial shuttle from Rottingdean was scheduled to depart only at 9:10 p.m., leading to protracted waiting times for some residents. Acknowledging the inconvenience faced by the community, the commercial director at Brighton and Hove Buses emphasized the company’s commitment to minimizing disruptions.

“The resurfacing on Warren Road has indeed impacted local services in the area, and we have been working hard to ensure as few knock-on effects as possible to routes 2 and 22,” stated the director. To address concerns promptly, the bus company not only funded an additional shuttle but also revised the evening service, aiming to bridge the waiting time gap.

The resurfacing work on Warren Road is anticipated to continue until December 20, with closures in effect on weekday nights from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. During this period, buses on routes 2 and 22 will be diverted along the A259. Despite the inconvenience, the road will remain open overnight on weekends, and residents will have access to reach driveways and adjoining roads during these hours.

An exception to the road closure will occur on Thursday, December 14, coinciding with a Europa League football game at the Amex Stadium in Falmer, where Brighton and Hove Albion will host Marseille. No resurfacing work is scheduled for that evening.

Woodingdean councillors expressed dissatisfaction with the response time of Brighton and Hove Buses in addressing residents’ concerns. They remarked, “We have found the bus company to have been unresponsive when we’ve tried to get answers for residents this week. We hope that they can learn from this episode and make contingency plans for works like this, which may impact other parts of the city in the future.”

The shuttle services, funded by Brighton and Hove Buses, aim to mitigate the impact of the road closures on the local community. A revised timetable for the shuttle buses was made available on the bus company’s website from the previous night, providing residents with updated information on the additional services. As the resurfacing project continues, the bus company remains committed to addressing concerns and ensuring smoother transit experiences for the affected residents in Woodingdean.

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