Phased Roadworks Set to Improve Edinburgh Travel with Enhanced Queensferry Crossing Diversion

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Edinburgh’s commuters and travellers are set to benefit from improved traffic diversion processes as the next phase of enhancements to the Queensferry Crossing gets underway this month. Scheduled to commence on Monday, February 19, a series of phased roadworks on the M90 over nine weeks aims to streamline diversion routes, reducing disruption and enhancing efficiency.

Following a successful trial last year of a new system featuring moveable automated barriers, designed to expedite traffic diversion over the Forth Road Bridge, and the completion of groundwork in January to position new ‘intelligent road studs’, which illuminate to guide motorists onto diversion routes without manual placement of traffic cones, the project enters its next crucial stage.

Crucially, the Queensferry Crossing itself will remain operational throughout these works, although local diversions will be implemented for traffic using the M90 both north and south of the bridge.

The forthcoming phase, starting on Monday, entails four nights of resurfacing works on the M90 north and south of the Queensferry Crossing, aimed at prolonging the lifespan of the newly installed road studs. Road closures will be enforced during these works, necessitating local diversions.

Subsequently, attention will turn to the installation of the intelligent road studs, with a two-week period of overnight works scheduled to commence on February 26. Once again, road closures with local diversions will be in effect to facilitate these essential upgrades.

Further improvements are slated for March and April, with upgrades planned for the automated barriers. These enhancements will enable the system on both sides of the Queensferry Crossing to be operated by a single button press, significantly reducing the time required to divert traffic in the event of bridge closure. Lane and road closures will be necessary during this phase, with two-week works scheduled for the south side from March 11 and another two weeks earmarked for the north side from April 8.

A spokesperson for BEAR Scotland’s South East Unit Bridges Manager commented on the project’s significance, stating, “This new system will dramatically reduce the time it takes to open a diversion via the Forth Road Bridge, should the Queensferry Crossing need to close for any reason. Last year’s trial of the automated vehicle restraint barriers was successful, and we are now ready to install intelligent road studs and upgrade the control system so that it can be deployed at the touch of a single button. These improvements will further reduce the time it takes to open the diversion route, should this be required. Once these works are complete, we will carry out another full trial of the system later in the year.”

In conclusion, Edinburgh’s transport infrastructure is poised to undergo significant improvements with the phased implementation of roadworks aimed at enhancing the Queensferry Crossing diversion process. As commuters anticipate smoother journeys and reduced disruption, the commitment to innovation and efficiency in traffic management underscores Scotland’s dedication to facilitating safe and seamless travel experiences for all road users.

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