Midlothian Council Commits to Urgent Repairs Following Hazardous Pothole Incidents near Penicuik

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Midlothian Council has reassured residents that it will promptly address a perilous pothole on the B3672 near Penicuik, following a series of incidents reported by concerned locals. The pothole, situated just after the Gladhouse junction at Upperside, has been a source of frustration for over three weeks, with numerous vehicles suffering tire damage and alloy destruction.

Residents in the area, who reported the issue to Midlothian Council, were relieved to learn that the local authority has committed to repairing the pothole urgently. The Evening News brought attention to the matter, prompting a swift response from the council.

One vigilant local documented the incidents caused by the troublesome pothole southeast of Penicuik. According to the resident, last week alone, three vehicles experienced flat tires due to encounters with the pothole. In a more alarming incident, a car lost its wheel after hitting the same road defect.

The concerned resident expressed worries, stating, “All vehicles were headed in the same lane to Penicuik, and within 20 meters of the pothole. Is this a coincidence or a dangerous road defect? This pothole is on a national speed limit road, but given the corner there, it is unlikely traffic heading from Temple/Gladhouse to Penicuik would be traveling more than 40-50 mph at the time they met it.”

The resident continued, “The pothole has been there for three to four weeks. I have a family member learning to drive, and as a local, have taught them to avoid it, as we all do. I felt it would remove a tire or cause serious suspension damage. I personally haven’t reported this to the council, but I will. But I know locals have reported it.”

The resident also expressed bewilderment when council workers, attending the area to fill in other potholes, opted to leave this particular one unaddressed. “It was interesting that contractors for the council filled in a number of holes recently within 30 meters of this one but not this pothole,” they noted. The resident recounted an encounter with a contractor’s tarmac vehicle near their house, suggesting the Upperside location as the nearest mains supply for a potential fire hydrant. They made them aware of the dangerous pothole in the immediate area, but it remained unattended.

“In my view, this pothole is ripping off tires and damaging alloys so they cannot be replaced. I would advise every driver of these vehicles to ask for recompense from the council,” the resident cautioned.

A spokesperson from Midlothian Council responded to the concerns, stating, “The pothole is being repaired today.” The assurance from the council comes as a relief to locals who have been navigating the perilous stretch of road, and they now anticipate swift action to remedy the potentially dangerous situation.

Residents hope that the repair work will not only address the immediate issue but also serve as a reminder for increased vigilance in maintaining road infrastructure to ensure the safety of all road users. As incidents involving potholes continue to pose risks to both drivers and pedestrians, the importance of prompt action and regular maintenance cannot be overstated.

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