Brighton Council Initiates Measures to Curb Unauthorized Parking at Dyke Road Park

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Efforts are underway to tackle the issue of unauthorized parking on the grassy verge adjacent to Dyke Road Park, as local authorities explore solutions to address this growing problem. Concerns have been raised by both residents and council members regarding the increasing occurrence of vehicles parking on the grass near the access road utilized by council vehicles.

A Brighton resident and vice-chair of the Brighton and Hove Wildlife Forum first noticed the parked vehicles in September. The area features pay-to-park bays along Dyke Road, next to the verge where vehicles have become a regular sight since the initial observation.

Expressing frustration, the resident noted, “It seems like they consider it their own private car park. Although it’s not my regular route nowadays, every weekday I pass by, and there are one to three cars parked there. It was never used as a parking spot before; I’ve been walking past for over two decades. Placing some large boulders strategically could be a solution.”

A representative from the council, looking into the unauthorized parking issue, mentioned that the council’s parks department indicated that issuing parking charge notices (PCNs) was not feasible as the grass verge did not qualify as on-street parking.

In response, the representative stated, “Officials have conveyed that they are exploring the use of boulders or tree trunks to discourage the drivers until a more permanent solution is identified.”

The lead councillor for the environment emphasized that parking on the grass at Dyke Road Park is against the rules. He explained, “While it is not permitted, we do have an obligation to ensure access for a limited number of vehicles serving businesses in the park. Our parks and legal teams are currently assessing long-term solutions, considering options such as physical measures and enforcement to prevent drivers from using the grass for parking.”

Recognizing the need for a prompt resolution, the councillor assured residents that the council is committed to finding an effective and lasting solution to the unauthorized parking issue. The consideration of physical measures, like strategically placed boulders or tree trunks, aims to dissuade drivers from parking on the grass until a more permanent remedy is implemented.

This move follows the recent success of the council in preventing unauthorized parking in St Peter’s Square, Brighton. In that case, access to the open space was blocked, communal bins were strategically placed, and fencing was erected to discourage drivers from parking without permission.

As discussions and assessments continue, the Brighton and Hove City Council remains dedicated to preserving the integrity of Dyke Road Park while addressing the concerns of both residents and businesses in the area. The forthcoming decisions are expected to strike a balance between maintaining access for legitimate purposes and curbing the unauthorized use of the grassy verge for parking.

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